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Hi all, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!.  There is one thing id like to mention, before I get in to what I wanted to talk about today.  A while back I had written a blog about a mother and daughter, named Hannah (that’s the mom) and Emma (that’s the daughter) for those of you who did not read that blog, you can find it on my main page, that blog was called, hope for Emma.  To make a long story short, after I wrote that blog, I had been introduced (by email) to a very nice and sweet woman named Mrs Marlayne Giron, she has written a book called, Make a Wish.  I have not actually read the book yet, but I hear great things about it and I know the woman that wrote the book is awesome, so I know the book has to be just as awesome and I cannot wait to read it and plan on reading it very soon 🙂 when I met her (the writer) she did a lot to help encourage me and has given me a lot of great advice, so I had told her since she has supported me so much I wanted to do some thing to support her, so I said id mention her book in my blog and give you all the link to where you can buy the book. Here is that link http://www.amazon.com/Make-Wish-Stories-Written-People/dp/145643733X/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top please all, check this book out today, okay????.   Now that, that’s taken care of, lets get down to business. Today is Valentines day right? and what is valentines day about? its about LOVE!!!!!!!!! when I speak in today’s blog I think ill mostly be speaking to teens and young adults and single people, but all are more than welcome to read this.  All I keep hearing from younger people, especially young girls, is how depressed they are, not to have a man in their life.  That just about kills me to hear,  people are so obsessed with marriage, that they are starting to marry anyone just so they can say they are married.  All these young girls are reading books and watching movies about these fairytale lives and than instantly they think, that, that’s what marriage and falling in-LOVE is.  People are longing for LOVE, or what they imagine LOVE to be, so badly that they are doing just about anything to get it.  Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I never went through any of this myself, I have and even I’m guilty of all this, which is why I feel I can bring some light to it maybe, because I myself had gotten to a point where I was obsessed with it all too and had started making some very stupid choices because of it.  Now I know a lot of people may not believe that about me and may question me on that, but its true.  I have trusted people, I should not have trusted too, I had convinced myself of things that I thought were real, that were not, and all in all, had done and made some very stupid mistakes and made choices that I should not of made and most importantly that I knew better than to make.  I know people that think they know me, may find all this hard to believe, but as I said before, I am human and am young and will make mistakes in my life just like anyone, it is just part of growing up.  I have learned though that beating myself up over past mistakes is not going to resolve anything and definitely is not going to help me.  Dwelling on it all, will not help either, which is why I don’t go around bragging or crying about mistakes I’ve made, I go to my parents to talk about things at times, but that’s about it.  I feel the only one that can truly help make my wrongs, right, is my LORD JESUS CHRIST.  So in the past and even now, when I make a mistake or I sin, I go to the LORD, I pray, I read the bible and I really just let GOD deal with me and let him be my counselor.  My point to saying all this is to say, no one can help you better than he can, no one can make you feel LOVED the way he can. We our his children, his bride, his best friend, his everything.  So I really think and believe we really need to start having the mind set, where he is our everything.  Lets remember, he is LOVE, he is LOVE, ill say it once more in case you didn’t see it, HE IS LOVE!!!!!.  I am not saying I’m against marriage, my parents have the best marriage of anyone I know and I’m not just saying that because they are my parents I’m saying it because it is true, so I’m for marriage and GOD bless those who are married.  But the number one reason my parents have such a great marriage, is because of the LOVE they found in JESUS CHRIST.  If your a man reading this or a woman reading this, BE WARNED!!!, because I feel we cannot fully know if were in-LOVE with our mate or spouse until we have learned to fall in-LOVE with our LORD JESUS CHRIST. HE IS LOVE remember? so until we truly know him, we are not going to know LOVE.  There are two things I believe everyone has to know or learn before dating someone and that is, they have to learn how to LOVE our LORD like I said because like I said he is LOVE, but also, I feel we have to LOVE our selves, before we can learn to LOVE someone else.  As for myself, at this moment in time I’m completely fulfilled, satisfied and happy with just being in-LOVE with myself and the LORD LOL and no I don’t feel saying I’m in-LOVE with myself is conceited or vain of me to say. We should all LOVE our selves and if someone cant LOVE them selves than I’m sorry to say this and don’t mean any disrespect, but there is a problem there, if you cannot LOVE your self. in Matthew 22:37-39 it says.   Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.  That about says it all 🙂 there is one more tiny thing id like to add though.  Today when I was picking which song to put in my blog, I was very conflicted, because I was dying to show you all Beckah Shae’s new scripture snack called LOVE, but yet when I was listening to music and getting ready to write today’s blog.  I instantly felt the LORD telling me to show you all Kari Jobes song called My Beloved when I heard it today.  So I obeyed the LORD and picked the song he said, I hope you all LOVE it as much as I and the LORD do lol.  But I didn’t fully give up on my song, by Beckah Shae hehehe lol  the scripture snack song she just came out with is amazing too and so I prayed and asked the LORD well how do I get my readers to listen to both songs?? I believe the LORD gave me this idea, so bare with me.  I know I asked you all earlier in blog to go buy my friends book and I still do want you all to buy that, but um well I also want you to go to this link https://missinginkshop.com/beckahshae/store/scripture-snack-love, its a link to Beckah Shae’s site and I want you all to buy her song called LOVE I got it yesterday, it only costs a $1.29 and if you all know me and have been keeping up with my blogs, you will know, I am not one to beg you all to buy stuff usually, but this song needs to be heard, so please, my blogger friends, buy this song, by Beckah Shae too okay??  The song in the video above, the song by Kari Jobe, the song called My Beloved I want you all to please listen and focus on the words to this song, it is pretty much saying everything I was trying to tell you all. That he is our beloved and we our his. ONCE AGAIN REMEMBER. WE OUR HIS BELOVED AND HE IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A BLESSED WEEK. I LOVE YOU ALL AND SO DOES JESUS 🙂  

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  1. Sue Snoots Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on LOVE. AND, it is wonderful to see the love and support given by you and by Marlayne for your work & you for hers. How precious to see “love in action”. Psalm 133:


  2. Jenene Says:

    Thanks for sharing Jackie! Good stuff and beautiful song!


  3. vita Says:

    Good post and true. My Beloved is a great song.

    There’s another one that speaks a lot about how the Lord Jesus Christ views us as His Bride to be (the Church)…it’s called “Royalty” by Alberto and Kimberly Rivera. You can hear it on YouTube.

    Bless you,


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