MATTHEW 21:21-22


HI all. Well today I have someone special I want to talk about. Years ago, I was at a Kim Clement meeting, remember Kim Clement is a prophet, I introduced you all to him, and what he does, on new years, anyways one day when I was at one of his meetings, I met a woman that travels with Kim Clement, and she sings with him, and basically, I guess you could say, she is a part of his team. This woman’s name is Hannah, this woman was so nice, she sat and talked with me, my mom, my dad and pastor, and even though she travels the world, and does such great, important, mighty, wonderful, powerful things, she still took time to talk to us, I remember she seen me in my wheelchair, holding my little tambourine, waiting for the service to start, and she ran right up to us and when we started talking, I remember thinking to myself, and I remember asking GOD, why do I feel so connected to this woman? what is it about her, that I feel so strong about? now that day like I said, I didn’t know why I felt such a connection to her. After that day, I never seen her (Hannah) again, and for years, I had been trying to get in contact with her online, I looked on Kim Clements web site a few times, I did a search for her name online, but I never found anything, than about 4 or 5 months ago, I found out that this woman, “Hannah”, gave birth to a little girl, her name is Emma Jewel, and during the birth there were many complications, and basically, the bottom line to it all is, because of all the complications at birth, she (Emma) was left with many medical issues, at this moment in time, she cannot walk, or speak, but her mom and dad are believing in faith, that this little girl (Emma) will be healed. Now like I said before, I met Hannah years ago, I met her before Emma was even born, by the way Emma is about 3 years old now. I believe that all this with Emma, is why I met Hannah, I believe even years ago, the LORD knew all this was coming, and that is why he made it so me and Hannah would meet. After finding out about Emma, it just so happened, that my mom got a email from Kim Clement ministries, and it was about a website, that Hannah had started for her Emma, and it gave the whole story about everything they went through, and how Emma was born sick, and again me and my mom both, felt such a connection to the story, because it was very similar to my story, the Doctors didn’t know anything was wrong with Emma, they assumed that Hannah, was going to have a normal delivery. Once Emma was born, and the Doctors seen her condition, they kept telling Hannah and her husband, and still tell them to this day, that basically, there is no hope, but Emma’s parents, did what my parents did, they believed in faith, that GOD would carry Emma through all this. The reason they built a website for Emma, is because there is a special center, its called Napa Center, that does intense rehabilitation therapy for kids mostly, to try to give them a better, more independent quality of life, Emma’s parents believe, that this place can help their daughter, and so I am asking that you all believe with them, and please help this family, their insurance, will not cover the cost of the therapy center, so I am asking that you all go to this website, www.hopeforemma.com and donate money to this family, if you all cannot afford to donate money, than at least buy Hannah’s Christmas CD, I know Christmas is over, but that’s OK, this is for a good cause, there’s a song on the CD, called, “GODS gift”, and wow, this song is amazing, and it will bring tears to your eyes, every time you hear it, Hannah, also made a youtube video, that shows pictures of Emma, and it has Hannah’s song “GODS gift” playing in the video, I uploaded this video into this blog, it is not a long video, I ask that you all please watch the video, I promise you wont regret it, its beautiful, it truly shows a mothers heart for their daughter. This website www.hopeforemma.com was such a blessing to me, because not only was I able to hear more about Emma’s story, but I also was able to get in contact with Hannah again, and that has been a huge blessing to me already, if you want to hear a more detailed version of Emma’s story and about the disability she struggles with, than go to the hope for Emma website. Emma’s full name, Emma JEWEL, boy does it fit her, because she is a jewel, I know one day the LORDS going to do great things for this little girl, she is so beautiful, she truly is a gift from GOD and she shines just like a jewel, and its funny, because for some reason, when I went to write this blog, I kept hearing the LORD say, go do research, about what the name jewel means? so I went, and did a search online, and I came across this one website, where in french, it says, that the name jewel means JOY, and that’s so awesome to me, because I am always speaking about JOY in my blogs, and on new years, I don’t know if you all seen my new years blog, but if you didn’t, I said, my mission this year, is to make sure, everyone hears about JOY, not just JOY, but the JOY of the LORD, remember, the JOY of the LORD is your strength. Emma may look weak to you all, but if you look in her eyes, you can see the strength in her, and I not only believe, but I know, that Emma, will not only survive, and get through all this, but she will be a true testament, to GODS strength, grace, and healing power. For everyone that reads my blogs, or is just reading it for the first time, let mine and Emma’s stories, prove to you all, that we can over come anything that comes our way. The past 4 or 5 years of my life, have been a mess, I had been so sick, and I had so many different things going on, my one cousin was diagnosed with Leukemia (cousin is free from Leukemia today), my uncle who wasn’t sick, just suddenly died one day, my grandma, who was my best friend, died and that was extremely hard on both me and my mom, because, we both basically watched her get sicker and sicker for 6 weeks, and we watched her die a slow, very painful death. Everything in life, just seemed to be getting worse and worse. Every time I tried to get my foot in the door for writing, the doors just kept slamming right back in my face lol, and it just was a awful 4 or 5 years, and like I said before, I had got to a point where, I was mad, angry and bitter, because I kept saying why is GOD allowing all this to happen to me? I had lost that JOY, that I keep talking about, and finally, one day as you all know I heard Beckah Shae’s music, and seen that video by Louie Giglio, on laminin, and that all started to bring me back to my roots, back to my FAITH, JOY, HOPE, and most importantly, back to my true love, MY LORD JESUS CHRIST. I cant answer why all these bad things happen to us, I cant answer why Hannah’s girl Emma isn’t being instantly healed, or why she, or I had to be born sick in the first place, but I can tell you, I do know GOD has a plan for us all, a purpose, a journey, that we all must travel, the most important thing about all this is, that you allow GOD to be the one guiding you through it. The one, well maybe not, the one, but one of the most important, and biggest mistakes, I had been making for 5 years, is I wasn’t willing to wait on GODS timing, when I wanted something, I wanted it now, but that was a huge mistake, because guess what, its not about when we want something to happen, its about when GOD feels were ready for things to happen, and guess what else? its not about what we want, its about what GOD wants for us, like I said in my previous blogs, its not about our dreams, its about GODS dreams, because let me tell you, anything you have imagined for your life, GOD has imagined something a billion times bigger and better, so like I said before, lets let go of our dreams, and take GODS dreams in. Here’s a little testimony, to prove to you all, that its about GODS timing, and not our own, like I said earlier, I had been trying to do so many different things for years, and was getting so discouraged, because everything I kept trying for was failing, but than on august 15Th, of 2010, my sister, had announced, that she was having her first child, and instantly, when she made that announcement, I felt the LORD say to me, this is your time, and I knew I needed to start stepping out in faith, and doing things that I know the LORD has for me to do, but at the same time, even though, I knew it was my time, I was very confused, and scared, because I didn’t know what to do, or where to go, and that’s when the LORD started leading me to build a blog site, and to contact Beckah Shae, and like I said before, when the LORD first was telling me to do all this, I said oh LORD no, this is all a waste of time, I have done all this before, its like, been there done that, kind of thing lol, but the LORD kept pushing me, so I finally started stepping out in faith, and did what he said to do, and I’m just amazed at the outcome, I just told my mom a few days ago, I don’t know what it is about this year, but everything seems to be falling in to place so easily, people that I been trying to contact for years, are finally replying, like for instance I had been trying to contact Hannah for at least 8 years, and I finally found her, or how about Beckah Shae, the same week I wrote her, she happened to be in Ohio, which is where I live!!! or how about Ty Pennington, I had been trying to meet him for well over 10 years, and on October 6Th 2010, I finally met him, this isn’t all just a bunch of coincidences, this is the hand of GOD, Matthew 6:6 says. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. I so believe that, when we pray, GOD does reward us, I see it happening every day lately. 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 says pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. I thank GOD for everything hes doing, not only in my and my families life, but also in Emma and her families life. Remember faith without works is dead people, so keep believing, keep that faith strong, keep praying in the spirit, keep worshiping, the JOY of the LORD is our strength. Lets stand and believe for Emma that this year, remarkable things are going to happen for her. Keep believing, Keep believing, Keep believing, 2011, is going to be a powerful, joyful, happy, amazing, holy, year. Remember 2011 means, abundance, and I so know that’s true, because already, this year, I’m experiencing an abundance, of amazing things that are happening in my life. Well this blog is way longer than I planned, so I am shutting up for now lol. Oh one last thing, not only will the hope for Emma website be listed on this blog page, but it will also be listed on the right hand side of, THE-BOOK-OF-ROO, it is in the list of all my other sites, to be exact, hope for Emma is on the right side of the page, right below the Beckah Shae site/logo. Well that’s it for now, have an abundantly faith filled, blessed day, and remember JESUS LOVES YOU. P.S I WROTE THIS LATE AT NIGHT, SO PLEASE EXCUSE AND FORGIVE ANY TYPOS THERE MAY BE LOL

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2 Comments on “HOPE FOR EMMA”

  1. MaryAnn Zaro Says:

    Dear Jackie,

    What joy that floods our soul, when God’s plan, presence, and provisions become a reality….nothing can compare with His love for us. Amen?! thank you for everything that you share from your heart…your gifts and talents are being used to touch others with the love and hope of Jesus Christ. To God be the glory, great things He has done! I have shared your video with all my friends and I have been sent a few messages back as to how much it has blessed their lives….God knows what He is doing, who He wants to see it, and when we surrender everything to Him, He begins to pour himself out of us…I love you Jackie, and have been blessed by your writings myself…Love, Mary Ann


    • JACKIE Says:

      thank you so much for the encouragement, I am so grateful to everything your family has done to help get the word out about this site, GOD bless all your hearts and I love ya all. 🙂


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