Hi all. Well today was another hard day to figure out what to write on, because I knew I had said I wanted to write about FORGIVENESS this week, but after I said that GOD kept showing me something new to write on.  So what I decided to do after praying all night about it, I decided to write two blogs this week!!!! ill do this one today and than between Friday and Sunday ill come out with another (new blog) about something else the LORD had showed me 🙂 OK now that, that’s taken care of, lets get down to business hehehe.  The topic today is FORGIVENESS!!!!! what does forgiving someone mean??? like I said last week forgiving someone means to release your self from a situation, it does not mean your giving in to or supporting the wrong that other person did to you, it just means your removing your self from that situation. I love how Beckah Shae explains it best, she says: The word forgive means: to give up wanting to punish, The word freedom means: liberty, The word liberty means: freedom from slavery.  She goes on to say that a Christian woman who survived a Nazi concentration camp during the holocaust said: “Forgiveness is to set a prisoner free, and to realize the prisoner was you.” I hate to keep saying this every time I read Beckah Shae’s stuff, because I know you all gotta be sick of hearing me say this all the time lol but again I have to say, when I read that, it was another life changing moment for me.  She goes on to say: To forgive does not show that you are weak, but that through Christ you are Strong!!!. 2 Corinthians 12:9“Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.  So don’t you see what I’m trying to show and tell you? forgiving someone isn’t about anyone else or anything else, it is about you!!!! like I said last week I had to learn that so much in my life, and I truly thank Beckah Shae for writing this song and that blog, because it showed me not only what FORGIVENESS is about and what it means, but it also showed me how to forgive!!!.  After I heard that song I truly learned how to forgive.  Three weeks after I first heard that song, someone that I had grown to hold a lot of anger against, I was finally able to release myself, from that situation.  I wrote that person a letter explaining how I felt, I told them I loved and forgave them and than moved on.  No I am not best friends with this person and no this person was not able to fully except what I had to say, but that wasn’t the point of the letter, the point of the letter was to free myself from everything I had been feeling.  You know most Christians think, if you have something negative your feeling about another person, keep it to your self, because if you talk about it, that’s “sinful behavior” but I disagree, like I said last week, we are all not going to love each other or at least, I should say, we all don’t love each other and that’s so sad because we should, because Jesus does, but the reality is we don’t, and I think there’s always going to be issues were going to have with one another, that’s life, but I think we need to stop living in denial about it all and instead of holding all our feelings inside, speak up about it if someone hurts your feelings don’t sit there and ignore it, speak up about it to them, I’m not saying to scream at them or call them every name in the book, I’m just saying speak up and say: hey you know I just wanted to tell you, your actions yesterday really hurt and upset me.  EVERYONE HEAR WHAT I’M SAYING PLEASE!!!! I’m saying its OK to share your heart with one another, don’t tell me all that’s in your heart is birds chirping and roses blooming, I’m sorry I’m not buying it, we are all human, we all have hurt in us, sadness in us, disappointment in us, happiness in us, love in us, what I’m saying is our hearts our filled with mixed emotions, and not just birds chirping and roses blooming lol.  So speak up even when its about the sadness or ugliness in you.  Like I said last week, I so had to learn that in my life, I never shared negative things I was feeling, up until this past year or so, I always kept it all inside, because that’s what I thought a good “Christan” did.  I was wrong and the LORD showed me that more and more this past year.  Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying and please excuse my language but I’m not saying, I’m giving you all an excuse or free pass to be a jerk whenever you want lol, no no no no no NO!!!! I’m just saying if you have some negative feelings inside its OK to let them out, in the right way that is and in a calmly manor.  Keep having the LORD guide you and he will show you how to handle those certain situations and feelings.  Remember when your going through that fire you want to come out? GOLD!!!!!!.  Just keep letting the LORD lead you through that fire and when he does he will burn all your imperfections away BABY!!! LIFE PEOPLE L.I.F.E LOVE IN FULL EFFECT, lets love like he loves, which part of loving like he loves, means we forgive like he forgives!!!! if people go to tear you down, just love on them, just love on them.  Jesus forgave us and gave us life right?? if he could forgive us for all the torture we put him through, than I think we could forgive each other right???? lets keep moving forward to the future.  I have realized that nothing no man or woman on earth, or childish situations are gonna stop me from my journey with the LORD nothing is going to stop me from my destiny, the destiny GOD has planned for me.  Life is way to short to focus on pain, anger, hurt, and resentment so forgive and forget, and keep moving forward.  Lke 6:36 says: Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.  HAVE A BLESSED WEEK ALL, REMEMBER BOTH ME AND THE LORD LOVE YA. SEE YOU ALL IN A FEW DAYS BUH BYE FOR NOW 🙂 BELOW IS A PRAYER I COPIED FROM BECKAH SHAE’S BLOG, PLEASE READ AND PRAY


Dear Heavenly Father, I confess my sins ___________ and ask you to please forgive me. I accept and receive the precious gift of your son Jesus Christ who came to release me from the penalty of my sin by dying a brutal death on a cross so that I may know L.I.F.E. I believe I am now forgiven and that you remember my sins no more. I choose to forgive myself and to live and walk in freedom from guilt and shame. Today I choose to forgive those who have hurt me or offended me. I choose to Love like you. I choose to extend Mercy like yours. I choose to give Grace like yours. I trust you and believe you make All things work out for the Good for those who love you. I love you. Please take my brokenness and make me whole, take my sorrow and give me joy, take my pain and give me peace, take all my questions and give me wisdom. I’m ready to Fly in the Mighty name of Yeshua! Amen

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