WE ALL NEED JUST A LITTLE FAITH!!!!! (a update about my family mostly my mom)



Hi all.  I am sorry I’m so late at getting this blog out, but every time I went to write this blog the LORD kept showing me new things, and I kept feeling like he was saying he wasn’t ready to have me post it and as you all know I only obey what I’m hearing the LORD tell me.

I finally felt the LORD tell me, he was ready this morning, so here I am hehehe.  I am so excited to get in to this weeks blog, the things the LORDS been showing and teaching me this past week is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! and I could not wait to share it with you all 🙂 what the LORDS been teaching me, is how to have FAITH!!! even when your whole life seems torn apart, you have to have FAITH, FAITH in the LORD, FAITH in the fact that, you can be still and know whatever your going through, GOD will bring you through.

It kind of goes back to my blog about GOLD, when your going through that fire, just like in the bible in the book of Daniel when  Shadrack Meshack and Abednego were going through that fire, you have to stand on your FAITH just like they did and know that no matter how bad things look, GOD can and will bring you through it.

Not many people know what my family had gone through these past few weeks and really what my mom had gone through and I’m hoping its OK to share this, because its really my moms testimony and story more than mine, but since it has a good ending I don’t think she would mind me sharing it lol.

Most of you do not know, but this past month my mom had gone to the Doctor for her yearly check up and to make a long story short during all their routine tests they found a pretty large tumor in her and they told her it had to be surgically removed and that after it was removed they would do a biopsy to make sure it was not cancer.

Now anyone who knows me knows how important my mother is not only to me but my whole family, shes the one that’s always keeping us all in our place LOL (laugh out loud).  If you know me you also know, shes the one who has given her life to care for me, so when I found out that she could have cancer, sure I could have freaked out, and ill be honest if this would of happened to her two years ago I probably would have freaked out LOL (laugh out loud), but this past year GODS really been showing me what it means to stand on FAITH and to stand on his WORD, so when she told me, I didn’t freak out, to be honest I wasn’t worried one bit and for a minute there I actually questioned myself.

Because I was like, is there something wrong with me that I’m so calm about the fact that my mother could have cancer? why am I not freaking out? that’s what I kept asking myself for the first few minutes and than I finally got my answer.  GOD spoke to me and said: there’s nothing wrong with you, your just finally understanding and getting the true meaning of what Philippians 4:7, Philippians 4:7 says: And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

The LORD spoke to me and said you finally get what the peace of GOD that passeth all understanding is!!! The reason I wasn’t freaked out over my mom, is because I knew that if GOD knew my heart than he knew how important my mom was to me and he knew how important it was that shes healthy, because he knew how much I still need her.  I also knew the word GOD had given me in the beginning of the year and so I just kept speaking that over my life and my family.

Like I told you all before.  GOD told me that this year was going to be a year like no other and that good, positive, life changing things were going to happen.  So the second my mom told me about this tumor, I was like no no no no no  I will not except this.  I know the word GOD gave me and I’m standing on it and no matter what negative things doctors have to say, this is one time where, what they had to say was going in one ear and out the other, because I was not letting it get me down, and I was not letting any of that put fear in me, and I knew my mother felt the exact same way.

For almost a month we did not know if my mom had cancer, but did we let it stop us from being happy and enjoying life? heck no.  My mother got the results of the biopsy this past Sunday, and I was right, my mother does not have Cancer!!! you have to be careful, because there’s times when life’s going good and the devil tries to come in and attack, kill and destroy your JOY and in this situation, I knew that’s exactly what was happening and so I was not allowing that.

No man, no woman, no devil, no creature anywhere around is going to steal my JOY and that’s how we all should live.  Keep standing on FAITH all and if something comes to try to steal your JOY or put negative thoughts in you, fight back.  I and my mom and my family could have easily freaked out over that whole cancer scare, but we didn’t, we kept on believing and standing on GODS word and promises.

Its funny because right after that whole thing happened with my mom, I kept hearing the LORD telling me, he wanted me to write a little bit about what my family went through with my mom and write about FAITH and again I wasn’t to happy with that idea, because for one I thought, well this is really my moms story to tell not mine and than when I did finally give in to writing about my moms story and about FAITH.

I than kept hearing him say: get deeper, get deeper in to talking about FAITH and by that time I have to say, I was getting a little annoyed with the LORD LOL (laugh out loud), because I was like OK, first you tell me to write about something, than I start writing about it and you say it is not good enough?

I just kept hearing him say get deeper in to talking about FAITH and I kept hearing him tell me that over and over it was driving me insane!!! LOL (laugh out loud) because I didn’t know what he meant, for over a week I kept doing research on FAITH and different scriptures in the bible, but yet I felt nothing was what he wanted, so I was just about to than say OK LORD either be happy with what I got or its on to something new LOL (laugh out loud).

That night after I told the LORD that, I was on the phone with my grandma (this would be my dads mom) she was explaining to me how she had been listening to this teacher named pastor Larry Huch and he had been giving a teaching on Esther and so after my grandma had been talking about Esther (I didn’t fully understand at the time) but for some reason GOD instantly told me, that’s it!!! go do research on Esther and when I started doing research on Esther my eyes were being opened so so much.

I was so excited to what GOD was showing me and if I ever did go to doubt my FAITH again, trust me after learning about Esther excuse my language, but if I ever go to doubt my FAITH again after learning about Esther and all she went through, id be a huge fool LOL (laugh out loud).

Please all go do research on Esther, what GOD did for not only this woman but also for her kingdom is truly amazing.  See Esther, and actually in the beginning her name wasn’t even Esther it was, I think Hadassah, she was raised by her cousin Mordecai. Mordecai raised Esther to have strong FAITH, one day Esther was ripped out of Mordecai’s home, now at the time Mordecai nor Esther knew why she was being taken, all they knew is the king of Persia was kidnapping all the virgin woman.

Later on in the story we learn the reason he was kidnapping them all, was because he was trying to find himself a new wife.  In the story we also learn, that in those days everyone was against the Jews, so when Mordecai went to say goodbye to Esther.  He told her basically to pretend she wasn’t a Jew, which is why he renamed her Esther. Later on in the story, obviously out of all the woman Ahasuerus king of Persia had to pick from he picked Esther, and to make a long story short there came a time where Esther had to choose between her FAITH and her man and kingdom.

If Esther chose her FAITH, she wasn’t just risking loosing everything she had worked for, but she also was risking loosing her LIFE!!!  but she decided that her FAITH had to come before anything else, even her LIFE!!! Esther went through many trials, but not one time did she doubt GOD and she never asked for a word or a sign from GOD to know she was doing right, she had such strong beliefs and FAITH, she didn’t need GOD to prove anything to her, she just knew, that she knew, that she knew, that GOD was there, his hand was on not only her but her kingdom.

She is a true warrior and if you want to really learn about standing firm just look to the bible of Esthers story and GOD will show you all you need to know on how to have true FAITH.  Praise GOD for that woman, after reading and doing research on her, I got to say: I think she is my favorite person in the bible, other than the LORD of course hehehe.

Well I went on way longer than I planned, this one was a little hard for me to fully put in to words, but I hope you understand and get what I was trying to say 🙂 have FAITH like Esther all, FAITH in our LORD JESUS CHRIST, FAITH that we can over come anything that’s standing in our way, if Esther could over come everything that was standing in her way than so could we.

AMEN AND AMEN THANK YOU LORD FOR FREEDOM TO HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I 🙂 Oh also two more things real fast.  One is please don’t forgot to listen to this video, this is a song about FAITH by Jeremy Camp.

Secondly I am trying to look for new and creative and different ways to draw in more readers and attention to this site, so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please don’t hesitate to write me. OK now GOD BLESS ONCE AGAIN JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I 🙂

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4 Comments on “WE ALL NEED JUST A LITTLE FAITH!!!!! (a update about my family mostly my mom)”

  1. Margarita Yafanaro Says:

    Amazing! Keep it coming 🙂


  2. Christinah Says:

    For my eyeballs and easier reading would you please hit enter after every 3 to 4 sentences! One continuous sentence makes it difficult for the Camera’s OUR SAVIOR GAVE US, TO keep TRACK.

    Semper Fidelis,


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