Awesom Stories Dedicated to Beckah Shae and her Hubby

OK all I got a awesome story to share. I am adding a new page to my blog where I or anyone else that wants can share their awesome stories lol. Oh boy I am so excited to share this story with you all, I’m like a kid in a candy store right now typing this out, I couldn’t wait to share it hehehe. Ok let me see where do I start? Well about 2 years or so ago is technically when this all started. These past 2 years I was literally stuck in my house twenty four hours seven days a week, and only time I left was to go to the hospital or doctors, and any time I did try to leave id get really sick, and no doctor to this day can figure out why this was or is happening, every test I had was coming out normal. I was starting to get really down on myself and on life it self. I couldn’t understand why the doctors were not finding anything wrong with me? and why was I going through this? and why wasn’t GOD resolving this issue? It was really upsetting to me. I thought great now I cant even go out of the house? first I’m born with a disease where I break bones all the time and am in severe pain, than because of all my medical issues I had to go threw well over 60 surgeries, I almost died over a dozen times in the twenty four years I been alive, oh and than I have to be put on oxygen because my lungs gave out on me, and now your telling me I have to live with something where I get dizzy and sick to my stomach every day? come on already!!!! whens it going to end???? that’s the kind of stuff that kept going through my mind, and for the first time in my life I felt very disappointed at life and at GOD and I think part of me had started to give up. These past few months I had been crying out to GOD asking him how I was supposed to handle all this now? and if this was going to be my life than to just come and take me home, because this wasn’t living. For awhile now I had been saying how I was disappointed because I couldn’t find any music that inspired me and just gave me that joyful feeling that I needed, and used to get from listening to christian music. Than one day I was laying on my living room floor like I always do and was listening to music and again trying to hear from GOD, and this picture came up on the side of my screen that said Beckah Shae, and I thought Beckah shae who the heck is she??? and to be honest when I first seen it I ignored it lol, but than I kept looking at the picture on itunes of the album and thought well I’m so bored just sitting here what do I got to loose by at least hearing the samples of her, and wow just listening to the sample and I already knew this was a gifted woman. I immediately ordered every CD I could find, and the second I started listening to them I got so excited I almost cried because I finally felt that joy again that joy I had mentioned earlier that joy I had always felt listening to christian music the joy that passes all understanding. I fell in love with this woman’s music so much and could tell by listening to the words of her songs she wasn’t the ordinary christian singer, so I started doing some research on her and her background, and than found videos of her on facebook and found a facebook page of hers. After reading everything and hearing all her videos I was just amazed!! and I knew in my heart that this woman was special. I felt so connected to her and her music, and to be honest even though her music had a huge impact on me I still didn’t fully understand why I felt so strong about this singer. I kept listening to this woman’s music over and over and over because I knew just by how I felt that the lord was trying to show me something I just couldn’t figure out what it was, so about 8 months goes by of me continually listening to her music, and than boom it hits me I finally start to hear what GOD was trying to tell me. The Lord had started to remind me of everything I been through in my life, and all the amazing things I’ve experienced good and bad. He also put me in my place at the same time lol. He told me how could I be mad that the doctors didn’t find a medical problem? How could I actually be mad when the doctors told me all my organs and basically my body it self was looking the best its looked in a long time? Instead of crying why not be rejoicing over that? there’s so many people in my shoes, and by the time there my age they have so many more medical issues than me, and big deal I cant leave my house for awhile suck it up. There’s people out there with disabilities that are in such bad shape that they cant even speak, they cant even tell there loved ones they love them. He showed me I am able to do that so be thankful for that. There’s a song on Beckah Shae’s new CD called forgiveness, and boy did GOD show me things from that song there were so many people I was holding a grudge against, and GOD really showed me through her music how to forgive and let the past go. I needed to stop dwelling on what was, and focus on what is and what can be. During these past 8 months in listening to her music the LORD also was showing me to kind of step out of my comfort zone and start being the person that GOD has for me to be, he showed me that I no longer am a 5 year old little kid and to stop hiding and depending on my family so much and figure out what kind of person I want to be what goals did I have for myself what opinion’s were mine, and most importantly how was my personal relationship with Christ. When your someone like me you can get so used to having everyone do everything for you, to the point where after awhile you even start to have them think for you. So I really had to have GOD kind of teach me how to be my own person in Christ. I think in some ways he also was grooming me or training me to be the person I know he has for me to be, and ill be honest I know I’m still a working progress here after all I’m only 24 years old lol but that GOD does have a purpose for my life and that I need to stop being so afraid and living out the life I know I am meant to live before its to late. I am getting off track here though on my story lol. So anyways as I’m having GOD continue to show me all these things through her music he says to me you need to contact her, and I laughed and said yeah right LORD I’m not doing that whats the use of that even? I mean yes shes an amazing singer and woman of GOD so who am I to even think about taking up her time? when I talk to GOD I talk to him like hes sitting right next to me I talk to him like hes my best friend because to me he is that. So I continued talking to him and said GOD I also don’t want her thinking I’m some groupie if I write her, and I said no GOD no no no no no!!! I love you I want to obey you but I just cant do that one, and I said, I wouldn’t even know how to do it even if I wanted to lol. The LORD continued to lay it on my heart to write this singer Beckah Shae but every time I felt him I ignored him lol, cause to me at that point I thought it was a waste of time, I thought even if I write her she probably gets so many emails a day she may not even see mine lol. Than one night I just start to fall asleep and GOD wakes me right up. He does that to me allot though lol, whenever I get a word from the LORD it usually is at night when every things peaceful lol. So the LORD wakes me up, and I swear its like hes screaming at me through a loud speaker or something, and all I feel him saying is two things first thing is that I start this blog and second thing was CONTACT BECKAH SHAE CONTACT HER CONTACT HER CONTACT HER, and he says this woman needs to know of you!! and I’m like she needs to know of me? why the heck does she need to know of me? and I felt him say it again this woman needs to know of you!! My heart was pounding at this point and so I finally gave in and said OK OK OK but what do I do or how do I go about doing this? and he reminded me that one of the things I learned about Beckah Shae when I was researching her is that her husband works with her and does allot of the background work. When I seen he had a facebook page I heard the LORD say that’s how, if you can get to him you will get to her. and so the next morning I woke up and I prayed and I kept going back and fourth should I do it or shouldn’t I? than finally about 11:30 at night I get the courage up to write the letter. I sent a short detailed version of my story to him on facebook, and than I asked for her email address. Can you believe within not even I think a hour and this man writes me back!!! I was shocked and he gives me her email address which shocked me even more!!! and so than I wrote her this whole long letter, and while I’m writing it the LORD tells me your going to meet them one day really soon!! and again I doubted him and laughed and said oh yeah right come on get real. No sooner after the LORD told me that I think it was something like three days, and she contacts me and says shes going to be in Ohio and that’s where I live. So than she asks me if she could come to my house to meet me!!!! I was in shock I didn’t know what I should be in shock about more the fact that the word I got was true and really was from the LORD or the fact that these people were going to be sitting in my house lol. I think the word the LORD gave me was more shocking though lol. The thing that was even more funny though was the fact that while they were at my house the singer Beckah Shae kept talking to me and getting me to do some things that I wouldn’t normally have felt comfortable doing, but yet she was getting me to do them, and what did I say earlier? that the LORD was teaching me how to step out of my comfort zone, and she for sure got me to do that. So I just want to take a second to say thank you to her and her husband. The LORD really used you both even more than you know that night. So thank you. These two people Beckah and Jack Shocklee are two of the most GODLY people I have met in a very long time. How many singers yes even Christians do you know that would of taken time out of there busy lives to drive to a house they don’t even know to visit a girl just cause of one email she sent. There isn’t many people out there that would do that even in the Christian world I’m sorry to say that but its true. Beckah Shae if you read this ever please know I am very grateful to you This blog was made cause of you. You got me to open up and not be afraid to be myself. So thank you for that. I ask that everyone please continue to read this I know my calling is to be a writer one day and do things that show the love of CHRIST and show that life can be good even when your going through trials. This blog is such good practice for me so please keep reading. I ask that GOD touches the lives of all who read this in JESUS name, and in the words of Beckah Shae put your love glasses on 🙂 Live out the love of Christ stop dwelling on the bad only dwell on the good and live life to the fullest. She also has a song called GOLD it talks about going through the fire but coming out GOLD I tried to load it onto the page but don’t know how to lol, so if you all can go to itunes or her facebook page and listen to the song GOLD do that for me lol. I myself can totally relate to the song there’s a verse in the song that says what don’t kill you can only make you stronger and how we may get knocked down but how we need to keep getting up and fighting back and to not give up and how we all may go through fire (hard times) but we will come out GOLD. I feel like that’s what these two years was for me, I may of got knocked down and I may of been thrown in to a fire but I came out GOLD BABY!!! LOL, I pray if anyone of you that read this feel like I did, like you got thrown in to a fire don’t give up cause one day you will be GOLD! 🙂 I also want to add a scripture to this blog please read below. I am sorry today’s blog is so long but its what GOD gave me for today. Please excuse any typos too 🙂

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. I think this is from philippians 4 verses 6 and 7.

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  1. Jack Says:

    We ❤ You Jackie!!!!!


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