I’m Blessed. Are you? (Update on Me)

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing my tip of the day the past few days, but I have a good excuse lol. As most of you already know the past two years or so have been a struggle. I have had many medical issues that my doctors cannot figure out ūüė¶ well it happened again. This past Wednesday I woke up at around 8:00Am to post on my blog page, and while I was writing everything up I felt fine, I felt like my old self, after I was done writing on my blog page I said well let me take a nap, so I took a nap, and I did not wake up until 1:00pm. When I woke up I instantly knew I was getting sick, my heart was pounding and I just felt very light headed, I knew something bad was coming, so I immediately went to my facebook page and asked a few people that I knew to please keep me in prayer, after I wrote those 4 or 5 words on facebook I just got so sick I couldn’t move or speak. I got very very sick to my stomach, could not hold anything down not even my meds. So to make a long story short, by id say 11:00Am the following day I was¬†admitted in to the hospital for¬†a little over 24 hours, they pumped me up with my meds, and fluids and I finally started to feel a little more like myself again, but the sad thing is once again they still do not know why I got so sick, they ran all kinds of cat scans, and blood work but it all came back NORMAL!!! which I know I know is a good thing but yet a little bit of a frustrating thing because that means this has a chance of happening again, after I came home I was very very happy to be home but a little sad because I thought oh great once again they found nothing, and of course I started to in a way throw a small pity party for myself, and than¬†of course GOD did what he¬†always does and smacked me upside the head and said¬†WAKE UP SISTER!!! LOL. When I got home I went to my emails and seen two letters from two different people that I’m,¬†I guess you would say pen pals with on line,¬†one¬†lady was from the O.I website which is a website that’s directed for people with my disease to go to so you can learn about O.I or meet others with the disease, and the other website is just a facebook¬†page for disabled/sick people to go to, to talk or vent,¬†so I opened the first letter and it was from the disabled/sick people page and she was telling me that her daughter had passed away and lost the battle to¬†melanoma I do not know much about these people and do not know much about Melanoma, the only thing the family would ever share on line was that their daughter had Melanoma and they needed as much prayer from others as they could get, even though I did not know this young girl I still felt very bad, and felt like just from that one email GOD already sent me back to reality. I than opened up the second email, and sadly it was pretty much the same story except this one even touched me more, and really hit home, because this was a baby only a few¬†months¬†old if that. The mother had started to contact me before she even gave birth to the baby, she had contacted me because she seen my name on the O.I site and wanted to get a better understanding about O.I, so I had started to answer any questions she had, and started to become friends with her on line. This woman was so excited to be a mother she did not care that she was going to have to take¬†care of a sick baby, she just wanted any and all info she could on caring for one. The baby was born in August not even 5 days after my birthday, and she was born with type2 O.I which is I think the most severe type and very similar to my type. The doctors do not know my exact type because I’m as bad as type 2 people but I have lived much longer than type 2 O.I’ERS so we don’t know.¬†When my friends baby was born the doctors told her and her family the same thing they told mine, that this baby was not surviving past 2 weeks and¬†after about 2 weeks of her being on a breathing machine and no change¬†the Doctors told the family they had to make a decision of turning off the machines. This families story was much like mine except I lived. So after I got home and saw those two emails and really started thinking and praying, I said the heck with it all LORD, so they didn’t find out why I get so sick, all my tests still came out fine!!! which is a huge huge blessing. So I throw up¬†once in awhile, who cares I can deal with it. These two woman buried their daughters before they ever even had a chance at life!!! there cant be any worse heart breaking¬†situation than that. So I will not choose to sit around feeling sorry for myself¬†saying why cant I do this or why cant I do that, or why does this have to happen, no no no no no no. I will not let stupid negative waste of time things take control over me. I will choose to say I am blessed. What I would like to say to all of you who read this is no matter what you may go through, no matter how bad your circumstances are, just know that you will get through it as long as you choose to¬†have the LORD on your side. I’m determined not to let the bad situations in my life get to me.¬†That determination that I have you can have to if you just put your full trust in the LORD and apply his word to your every day life, if you do that than you will be able to reach the goals that he has for your life, and you will be able to see that all things are possible!!!! whatever tomorrow brings for me I am happy knowing that I will wake up and be home in my house with my family¬†or I will be in heaven with the LORD, because I know that he is there for me, HE IS HOLDING US ALL IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND REMEMBER THAT any time you feel alone in life know that he is there. In the end of today’s blog I hope I leave you all with the understanding of how important life!!! is, it is up to you on how you want to live it. I choose to be happy I know I live a very happy, and fulfilled life. I am blessed, I AM BLESSED I AM BLESSED TO HAVE THE PARENTS I HAVE, I AM BLESSED TO HAVE THE FAMILY I HAVE. I AM BLESSED TO HAVE THE DOCTORS AND NURSES THAT CARE FOR MY MEDICAL NEEDS, I AM BLESSED TO HAVE EXPERIENCED THE MANY WONDERFUL AND AMAZING THINGS THAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED, AND MOST OF ALL I AM BLESSED TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND BELIEVE. If there’s anything I could share with you it is to be grateful for the life that GOD has given you, no matter what life may bring to you all¬†YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE BLESSED.¬†Mostly I do thank GOD that he chose me to be who I am today. I have never blamed GOD or anyone else for having this disease. I have only thanked GOD for giving me the chance at LIFE, and giving me the opportunity to find out what life is really about.¬†¬†¬† ¬†I do consider myself blessed


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