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March 26, 2011

PSALM 97:11


Hi all.  I am so sorry this is coming out so late, but I was not feeling that great this week and every time I went to write a blog I just could not concentrate on it, my apologies to you all.  Well before I begin this weeks blog I have two very fast announcements, the first announcement is.  The woman I mentioned last week, the one whose my friend and who was sick and in ICU, well thankfully she is out of ICU and doing well, THANK YOU JESUS!!!! I do ask that you all continue praying for her though, shes still not fully out of the woods and has a long way to go, but is definitely doing much better.

The second thing I wanted to share was that I seen a comment on my blog page, maybe some of you seen it too but if you have not, last week someone wrote on THE-BOOK-OF-ROO asking for prayer.  It was a man and he asked that we all pray for his family and his broken marriage, (those were his words not mine) this man has two kids, they are two boys, so lets all just remember to keep this family in our prayers and ask that GOD touches their lives and restores this household.  He also asked that if I knew of any other prayer chains to add him too than to please do so, so I am going to ask that you all reading this, please do the same.  What the LORD has been showing me this week is three different  things.




Before I get started on what I feel the LORDS having me share this week, I first want to make it very clear to you all, I am all for missionary work, I am all for pastors, preachers, teachers, prophets, evangelist and churches and all other types of ministry workers and ministries.  This week the LORDS really been showing me what seeing through his eyes means and what its really about and what being the light in the dark is.

Like I said I am all for missionary work, but I have a problem with some missionary people that I see around in toady’s churches.  I feel if your called to the missions and called to helping the helpless than lets really help them!!! lets say for instance if someone feels they want to go on a missions trip to help the homeless than lets really help them! with all do respect but giving them a bible or a W.W.J.D bracelet or fish stickers, and laying hands on them and saying a really powerful prayer is not what its all about.

That is great if you want to pass out bibles and pray over people, I am not saying they don’t need that, they do, I know they do, but in that moment what they need more, is a sandwich or a coat, or a clean glass of  water.  Like I said its awesome if you all want to lay hands on them and pass out bibles, but after your done with that where are you going at night???

Your going home to a clean bed, with a nice fancy dinner and probably a nice hot shower, while they are turning around going back to sit by garbage and search for food, but hey at least they got that bible right? lol come on get real. Some times I think us church people can get so in to the spiritual realm of things that we forget the natural side of things, lets use some common sense once in awhile!!!

I need to ask this and again with all do respect, but when your going on these mission trips or your laying hands on the sick or doing these other ministry/”spiritual things”, are you doing it to bless others and to be that light in those dark places, or are you doing it to show off to the pastor so you can get on the pulpit?

people are so addicted to wanting to be the center of attention and wanting to be on the pulpit that they totally loose focus on what’s important.  Do you want to be on the pulpit to share the word of GOD and to bless others and to help change lives? or do you want to be on the pulpit so you could feel important?

We all need to grow up and except that there are only four things that truly, truly, truly matter when your in ministry, #1 is that your blessing the people #2 is that your blessing the LORD and #3 is that your living a clean, biblical, spiritual filled lifestyle and #4 that your showing the love of CHRIST.  There is only one man you should idolize and that’s our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I am not saying, not to honor or bless your pastor, honor and bless him or her with all your heart, but lets not loose sight in the fact that he or she is just your teacher, not your maker.  The LORD JESUS CHRIST is your maker, your creator.  So lets watch that we don’t start turning our pastor in to our idol!!! Leviticus 19:4 says: Do not turn to idols or make for yourselves molten GODS; I am the LORD your GOD.

He is the LORD your GOD, I will say it once more HE IS THE LORD YOUR GOD, lets stay focused on that.  When we go doing the LORDS work, lets really do the LORDS work, lets see through the eyes of LOVE, lets have compassion for others, and when we go to help the homeless lets feed them in every way.  spiritually, mentally, physically and naturally.  Lets love like he loves, Proverbs 8:17 says: I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me. You think if the LORD seen a homeless guy he would smile lay hands on them, hand them a bible and than walk away?? no he would care for them like any natural father would care for their child, because we are all GODS children.  You know a lot of movie stars and other types of people who are in the spotlight say that fame can become as addicting as a drug and I have to agree, I see that happening more in the churches every day, it breaks my heart when I see people like that, it is just so sad to me.

Lets stop focusing on what we want, lets focus on what the LORD wants, and like this video says: LET THE ARMY OF GOD ARISE and lets glow like those candles in this video , because we want to show the love of CHRIST and because we want his name heard, lets change lives people!!!! a lot of you who been reading my blogs know the number one reason for me making this blog site is because I am trying to take the step to get my name known so I can become a writer, but let me make it clear!!! my desire for doing this, is not to get my name known just to get it known and I do not want to become a writer just to become a writer, I want to become a writer and I am doing this, because I want to touch peoples lives and more importantly their hearts and I want to show them the LOVE OF CHRIST and I want to glow in those dark places and reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable, I want to be his instrument for no other reason but to glorify his name.

You know some people think being a missionary means you have to travel all across the globe to do so, I am sorry but I do not agree.  If you feel you are called to the missions, but yet cannot afford to travel, that’s fine, you can do missionary work right here in your own back yard, again being a missionary doesn’t mean you have to travel.  Being a missionary means you help others in need no matter or where you are, being a missionary means you show the love of CHRIST to others, and again you do that no matter where you are, being a missionary means, you guide them to our fathers love.

Being a missionary can mean so many different things, but one thing it doesn’t mean is you have to travel the world to be one, there is no rule saying you have to travel.  Yes there are countries in much worse shape than ours is in and countries that are in much greater need of help than us, but our country, the country I live in, which is the United States Of America, is in need of some help too and you can change lives here just as easily as you can anywhere else.

Your location is not what matters and is not what’s important, what’s important is that you show the love of CHRIST all the days of your life.  What is important is that we all GLOW BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN.  THE NAME OF JESUS IS ABOVE ALL OTHER NAMES SO LETS LIFT HIM HIGH AND PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS AND LETS SET THIS WORLD ON FIRE FOR HIM!!!! PRAISE HIS NAME. SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEK. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. JESUS AND I BOTH LOVE YOU. GLOW LIKE FIRE EVERYONE PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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March 18, 2011

1  JOHN 4:12


Hi all.   OK this week I want to talk about how great our GOD is!!!! now I can go on and on about this subject, but I am going to try to make it as short as I can, because this week it is really important to me that you all watch this video, it is not another song it is a teaching.

This week our world has suffered a huge amount of pain and loss, I am sure you all know what I am talking about already but in case you do not, I am talking about the tragedy (Earthquake and Tsunami)  in Japan.  You know, a lot of people are asking, why so many crazy things are happening in this world today? why so many Riots? why so many Earthquakes? why so many Tsunami’s? why are so many businesses that have been around for years and years and years going bankrupt? why all these struggles? these tragedies? these heart breaking circumstances, WHY?

Sure some of you can blame the money issues on our Economic system, some of you can blame the Earthquakes and Tsunami’s on Science and you can surely blame the riots, just on anger, stupidity and poor judgment on other people, sure you can do all of the above, but again putting the blame on some thing  or someone does not truly answer the question, does it?.  I want to talk about where the root of all this is coming from.  To figure out where the root of all this is coming from all you have to do is open your bibles.

In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth right? and somewhere along the way GOD created Adam and Eve and from Adam and Eve GOD did what? he formed man right? now I obviously cannot describe the whole bible to you all lol, but I can say after GOD did all that, somewhere along the way JESUS was born!!!!!! and why was JESUS born? to save us all from sin, because what GOD had originally made for good Adam and Eve and all of mankind destroyed.

Now if we fast forward a bit, we see JESUS was nailed to a cross and GOD the father of JESUS let this happen, because JESUS had to do this, he had to be nailed to the cross in order to save our nation from sin, and GOD knew that and in that final moment JESUS cried out to GOD and said: “FATHER, FORGIVE THEM; FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO”.

JESUS than died and 3 days later he rose again and the reason for all this was to save all of us from sin!!! when JESUS came back to life he told his loved ones (which is us) to keep spreading his word to all mankind and one day he would come to separate the ones who believe from the ones who don’t, and he would take the ones who believed with him to his kingdom.  Through out the bible GOD  gave us certain signs to look for to tell us when this will all take place and if you dig deeply in to it, you will see that all the things that have been happening the past few years all line up with GODS word and promises.

Again the LORD never said life would be easy, but he did say he would be there to carry you through it.  He will strengthen you, he will love on you and yes there are times he will make miracles happen and wash your struggles, your trials,  or maybe even your diseases, away, but if he doesn’t, it does not mean he isn’t listening and it does not mean hes failing you, or breaking his promise to you, it just means no matter how hard it maybe,  your meant to go through that, now please do not get me wrong I am not saying GOD has meant it for us to be sick, I’m not saying that at all, but sometimes I do think things happen that’s beyond our understanding like the Earthquake and Tsunami and there’s nothing we can do but have GOD carry us through and GOD is there carrying us through to the other side and like I said a million times before we all will become GOLD through it all.

Through the video above you will get a better understanding of just how big GOD is and how small we are.  Please hear me out, we all need to put our pride down once and for all and surrender to his will.

I have a dear friend right now who is in the hospital actually shes in the ICU and what it showed me is just how fast life can change, and after I heard about that I just said OK I not only need to mention her and ask you all to pray for her, but I also need to reach out to those who read my blogs and are not fully walking the walk or believing in him and do not yet have that personal intimate relationship that I keep describing.

You need to have that intimate personal relationship with him before its to late and for those of you who are saying: oh I am young, or oh nothing can touch me baby!!! I’m STRONG and nothing can kill me!! I am here to tell you, you are wrong!!! anything can happen to any one of us at any time, you are not immortal,  so lets stop acting like you are!!!

Again please be praying for my friend, shes a very close friend of mine I have grown up with her in mine and my families life, she’s kind of been like a aunt to me and she really needs us all to gather in prayer for her, so far she has not gotten the greatest report so we all need to stand on faith with her and for her, and believe and know that with GOD all things are possible and that he is carrying her through this trial and some time soon she will come out the other side better, stronger, healthier.  Through that fire she will come out GOLD.

I pray that for us all, for those of you who have never really made that step to ask JESUS into your heart please, now is your chance to do so.  You do not have to go to a church to pray to GOD you can pray right here and now.  I am begging you please do so, he loves you so so much you have no clue how deeply he loves you.  He died for you, the heavens and the earth were made for you.  Like that video above says, all GOD did was breath and the stars were made, that’s all he did to create those beautiful stars and he thought of all that and did all that for YOU.  Thats how great our GOD is!!.

Than GOD made it so the virgin Mary would be pregnant with his son our LORD JESUS and JESUS again DIED for YOU.  So come on cant you do this one thing for him? that’s all he asks of us, is just this one thing? I mean how selfish of a nation can we be, that we know JESUS has went through a brutal beating and death for US!!! and came back to life, again for us and does so many other amazing things, for us and yet we cannot say one prayer? we cannot live by one biblical code, which pretty much is just, don’t sin, be a good person and love one another.  Why cant we do that? we can, we can, we can, I know we can.

I have faith in you, I know we all can become GOLD!!!! please join me in prayer not only for my friend but for all our salvation.  If any of you have never asked GOD in to your heart before, than please pray this prayer below.  I BEG OF YOU TO. I LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A BLESSED WEEK AND REMEMBER PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN AND ALSO REMEMBER JESUS LOVES YOU ALL AND SO DO I. LETS LIVE L.I.F.E (LOVE IN FULL EFFECT)

Dear Heavenly Father, I confess my sins ___________ and ask you to please forgive me. I accept and receive the precious gift of your son Jesus Christ who came to release me from the penalty of my sin by dying a brutal death on a cross so that I may know L.I.F.E. I believe I am now forgiven and that you remember my sins no more. I choose to forgive myself and to live and walk in freedom from guilt and shame. Today I choose to forgive those who have hurt me or offended me. I choose to Love like you. I choose to extend Mercy like yours. I choose to give Grace like yours. I trust you and believe you make All things work out for the Good for those who love you. I love you. Please take my brokenness and make me whole, take my sorrow and give me joy, take my pain and give me peace, take all my questions and give me wisdom. I’m ready to Fly in the Mighty name of Yeshua! Amen

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