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April 19, 2011

EXODUS 12:14


Hi all. Sorry I haven’t wrote a blog in a few days but I just wasn’t fully sure what to write about, and as you all know by now, I do not want to write things just to write them, yes I would like to keep some kind of schedule, so you all know to come read this every week, but at same time I do not want to write things that have no meaning just to keep up with that schedule.

As I kept praying on what to write on, I didn’t fully start hearing from the LORD till Friday night April 15th, and even than yes I knew what to write on but I just didn’t feel it was time to share it yet.  Friday night April 15th, mom asked me to watch a teaching with her that was given online by a pastor named Larry Huch and wow it was just amazing and I really needed to hear that because of what happened that next day, but ill explain that part in a minute lol (laugh out loud).

As I was listening I kept thinking oh boy how can I translate this to others that read my blog? well um I still fully don’t know how lol (laugh out loud), ill do my best to explain what I got out of it though lol (laugh out loud), but I am going to ask, no I am going to beg!!!! that you all pleaseeee go to this website and click on the broadcast from April 15th and watch his teaching.

I would have loved to upload the video on to my blogs like I do other videos, but they will not let me do it with this one, so thats why there is no video on this blog today, because I really want you all to go to this website and watch the video thats on it, now there is many videos on this website so please make sure you click on the one from April 15th again I repeat April 15th lol (laugh out loud)


What this teaching is about basically is, miracles not just any typical miracle but great miracles, actually he called them EXCEPTIONAL miracles.  He goes on to explain in maybe a little different way than most christians are used to, but he teaches about the war that was going on between  the Egyptians and the Israelites and most may remember the story best between Pharoah and Moses

and how Moses kept giving Pharoah words or warnings from the LORD, (warnings of bad things that were going to happen)  and every time Moses would warn Pharoah of something Pharoah wouldn’t listen and sadly every time Pharoah didn’t listen the words that Moses kept giving would come to pass.  a total of 10 things Moses spoke about that would happen and all 10 things happened!!! the 10th thing that Moses had spoke to Pharoah about was to tell him that all the first born sons were going to DIE!!! but again even though Moses was right about all other 9 things that happened to their people Pharoah still refused to listen!!!

and this is the part some may not know well.  I hope im getting this part right, again you all can go watch the video to get your own understanding of it, but after Moses warned Pharoah that the first born of each family would die, word got out around town about it and basically when word got out, they all kind of freaked out and they all ended up turning on each other and basically they all ended up killing each other and the ones that lived were the ones that stood on GODS word and obeyed what he asked of them to do

and thats where the whole passover thing comes from, GOD guarded the houses that had blood on the door frames and death passed over those peoples homes.  That is very little of the teaching, but again its hard to explain especially in a blog lol (laugh out loud) so I beg you all go listen to this teaching.

It is funny though how GOD brought that teaching to my attention, it was at a time where I needed to hear it.  Like I told you all last week, our van broke down and we our in the process of looking for a new one, well we thought we finally found one that we could afford, but sadly when we went to look at it in person, it turned out that my chair would never fit inside it, because my chairs different from a average disabled persons chair, so we cannot get just any type of van.

After we left that store I think all, including my parents felt a little let down, especially when after that we found out that the kind of van we need would cost no less than $30,000.  So when we found that out, I think we all needed to take a few deep breaths lol (laugh out loud) my father was able to get our old van running again at least, but it will not be long before it gives out on us again, after all it is 14 years old its a 97 lol (laugh out loud) so we our in desperate need of a new van and after leaving the shop it seemed pretty hopeless to us that we would get one,

and for a few seconds I was worried but than on the ride home, GOD reminded me of what I learned the night before and reminded me what this month is all about, yes its about how JESUS died for our sins and how we were set free, but it is also about MIRACLES, so on that way home I started praying and still am praying and believing that some way, some how GOD will work a MIRACLE and we will get our van, im not only believing we will get it, but am believing when we do, my mom and dad wont have to worry about any $1,000 or more monthly payment I am believing that we will get this van and owe nothing on it!!!

I know to a lot of you that sounds impossible but nothing is impossible for my GOD.  Now please don’t miss understand me, I am not saying I heard from the LORD or he gave me this great word, saying were going to get a van, I also am not hinting to anyone to give us one lol (laugh out loud) I am just saying I believe in great, mighty, powerful, EXCEPTIONAL MIRACLES and I am believing that GOD is going to work one here!!!

he worked one on me and my life, keeping me alive for 24 years so I know if he can do that, he can and will do this!!! remember in the book of John JESUS turned the water in to wine, and also remember he healed the blind man? and in the book of Mark he healed the woman that had the issue of blood? and with her, he didn’t even touch her! she grabbed the end of his robe only but instantly she was HEALED!!!

we need to go back to believing like these people believed we need to go back to our roots, we need to be GOLD AGAIN BABY and JOY unspeakable JOY, JOY that passeth all understanding.  So I am going to believe for change and believe for that van and have that joy that passeth all understanding, maybe your all not getting why I keep saying that so ill say it again JOY THAT PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING

So no matter how hopeless things may look right now, thats okay because I know my GOD will supply all my needs and so I will live my life having the JOY THAT PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING!!!!!

Before I say goodbye for this week, I want to add one more thing. I had mentioned this woman to you all before, she’s a writer, her name is Marlayne Giron, she wrote a few books I think, but the one I have read is called MAKE A WISH and it is the best. Just to give you all a reminder of who she is, she is a woman I met when I did the hope for Emma blog and over the past few months she’s been very sweet and most importantly has been a huge encouragement to me. Basically the book is part fictional part true she takes people’s true stories in the book and turns them around in to a fictional story its kind of hard to explain, but when I was praying on how to explain it to you all, so you all would go get the book lol (laugh out loud) I felt the LORD say this, what she does to me, is she takes peoples sorrow and turns it in to JOY!!! so please go get the book all ill post the link to her page below this


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April 6, 2011

NUMBERS 6:24-26




Hi all.  Well this week has been one crazy week!!! I am sorry I didn’t do a blog this week, its been very hectic here.  I have lots of announcements, some good some bad lol.  Lets see where do I begin? Well to start with, the guy from Gospel innovation kept his promise!!! he made me 3 different banners/logo’s to pick from, but I am in love with all 3 and am having a awfully hard time deciding which one I want to become the official THE-BOOK-OF-ROO banner/logo, so I am asking all my THE-BOOK-OF-ROO people to help me out and vote for which banner/logo you like best, to vote just go to this website

The second announcement is, I became an aunt for the first time! a baby girl!! she was born this past Friday April 1St she is so cute and my first name is her middle name isn’t that cute? 🙂 she has inspired me to make the video above that is of my family, please watch this video you will all love it 🙂

The third thing is more a prayer request than an announcement, but after the baby was born, me and my mom planned on spending most of the week at my sisters to get to know the new baby, but sadly on our way to the hospital the day after she was born, we all heard this big POP  and later we found out that Popping sound came from our van!! I do not know all the technical details, but bottom line is after 13 years our van finally gave out on us 😦 so I am asking, no I am begging, please all be praying for us, that some way or another GOD works some kind of miracle and we our able to get a new van!!!

You know these past few days the LORD has really been teaching me how to enjoy the many blessings HE gives us freely every day. When that van broke down, sure me, mom and dad could of got angry and let that ruin the babies home coming and we could have let that take our JOY away, but we didn’t, because we knew what was important, we knew what mattered and that was that my sister and her baby were healthy and on their way home!!!  I may not be rich in material things but I am rich, I am blessed with things that are much more important.

It took a lot of strength and courage for my sister and her husband to go through with having a baby, because for a very long time we were not sure how safe it was for her to have one, because of all my medical issues.  You all have heard me say before that the past 3 years have been hard and I have been sick  and have been through a lot and been in and out of the hospital, but the one good thing that came out of all that, was the fact that since I was in there so much, my sister had asked me if I wouldn’t mind getting a genetic DR to come look at me, of course I said no problem, my sister would do anything for me so its the least I could have done for her.

So the Doctor came and did some blood work, and through all that we found out which type of Osteogenisis Imperfecta I had and also found out that the type I had was not a hereditary thing, it was not something that could get passed down to any future baby!!! which was a huge relief to my whole family including me.

I am very thankful for my life and have no complaints but I do know how hard it is to live with Osteogenisis Imperfecta, not just on the person with the disease, but also for the entire family.

Having a disease of any kind really does transform the entire family.  All I can say is you have the choice as to how it transforms you? Me and my family choose to have it make us stronger!!

Like you all have heard before I was not supposed to live past 10 days!!! 10 days!!! there were so many things I was told I would not live through.  So many times I was told I would not have the chance to experience LIFE.  I never in a million years thought I would out live family members and friends that I loved.

Never did I think id have a chance to experience the things in life that I have been blessed to experience.  I remember as a kid praying and saying OK GOD just need to make it a few more years to see my brother get married and than id say OK GOD a few more years to see my sister graduate, and so on and so on.  I have always been at peace and have known that my life is in GODS hands and whatever happens, happens.  What if GOD didn’t answer my prayers? what if he did take me home before I had a chance to see my niece, or my brother and sister get married? would I have been mad? would I have felt like GOD was a failure? Heck no!!! we can not control time, GOD is in control of my life, always has and always will.

My friend who I had asked you all to pray for a few weeks ago, the lady who was in the I.C.U, well she is home and doing fantastic.  She is doing so well that she actually had told my mom to tell me to read Psalms 91. Does anyone know Psalms 91?

Psalms 91 says: Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust. ” Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.  He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.  You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.

A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.  You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.  If you say, “The LORD is my refuge,” and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.  For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;

they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.  You will tread on the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent. “Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.  He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.  With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.

When I read that I was reminded of when I was younger and how any time things would get really bad, or scary, my parents and my one friend would read that scripture to me.  People ask me all the time why I think I have lived as long as I have? My answer is right there in Psalms 91, read it carefully and you will understand, it says: whoever dwells in the most high, which means whoever dwells in him will be under the LORDS covering.

So again we have a choice? we can dwell on the good or dwell on the bad? But if we dwell on the good, if we dwell on L.I.F.E the LORDS hand will be on us, no disease, no harm, nothing can touch us and we will have long LIFE in JESUS!!!

I am going to enjoy every minute I have and not waste time dwelling on stupid negative unimportant things.  What is important is L.I.F.E and what you do with it, you can be a blessing, a blessing to L.I.F.E, a blessing to the world.

L.I.F.E (LOVE IN FULL EFFECT) lets make a difference in this world, lets stop living in fear and get out our armor and sword and fight for L.I.F.E!!!

I am blessed because I have a family that loves me

I am blessed because I have a roof over my head and people who care for me

I am blessed because I am experiencing what L.I.F.E is

I am blessed because I have an amazing team of doctors who care for me

I am blessed because CHRIST carried my cross and died for my sins

I am blessed because I have the LOVE OF CHRIST IN ME


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