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June 3, 2011

1 PETER 4:16


Hi all.  I am back in action! I am sorry I haven’t been blogging.  I had a little bit of a mess on my hands, I will explain what I mean by that in a second LOL (laugh out loud) the other reason I haven’t been blogging, is because sadly I haven’t felt the greatest, I haven’t felt the worst either though, so thats good LOL (laugh out loud)

Ok so above I mentioned I had a little mess on my hands right? well heres why, and I promise ill try to give you the short version of this story LOL (laugh out loud) last week after my blog came out, with the youtube video, that I created, some of the parents from the Osteogenesis Imperfecta support groups were not happy about the video, and when I mean some people, I mean like 5 maybe 6 LOL (laugh out loud) but even though it was just 5 or 6 people they made sure their voices were heard LOL (laugh out loud) anyways they Demanded I take the video down!! because (as they said) it has way to much religious “GOD STUFF” in it.

I told them all I am sorry they felt that way and that I would take their family members pictures out of the video, to make them happy.  They told me, in a not so nice way that was not good enough, they wanted this video down and they wanted it down NOW!!! and a few people told me, they would be ok with it up, if I agreed to change the music and take out the GOD pictures.

At that point ill be honest I was pretty offended by it, I could care less that they hated the video, but what I was offended by, was the fact that they were trashing, THE ONE I CALL MY LORD, MY BEST FRIEND, MY ABBA, MY FATHER, THE ONE WHO CREATED US ALL, THE ONE WHO KEEPS US ALIVE EVERY SINGLE DAY, THE ONE WHO GAVE HIS LIFE SO WE COULD LIVE AND BE FREE.  Thats what they were trashing and thats what offended me.  I will be honest there were certain times I could of handled them better and there were times I did lash out and I wasn’t being the perfect, loving “Christian” I knew some of the things I was saying and some of the ways I was acting was wrong, but I just could not help it, I am human and they were trashing my one true love (JESUS).

When I seen those words and them saying it needed to come off because there was to much “religious” stuff in it, I just started seeing red.  To this day I know they don’t get why I was offended, because to them he’s just a man, but to me he’s my family, my heart.  I know if someone told any one of you, who have someone you deeply love, like maybe a husband or a earthly father, if they told you, you have to many pictures of your  father on the internet take them off, you would react in the same way I did.

I don’t know if any of you noticed, but for the past week in a half, I did give in and take the video down.  Because after I calmed down and took my emotions out of it, I asked the LORD: LORD what should I do? and I felt him tell me to take it down for awhile and he would take care of it and for me to watch and see.  Well after the LORD told me that, word got out in the Osteogenesis Imperfecta community and all the Christians and GOD loving people started standing up for me and fighting with all the non believers LOL (laugh out loud) and a internet/Osteogenesis Imperfecta war broke out LOL (laugh out loud).

Of course when the war broke out, some of the people started changing their story, I think it was because they got embarrassed.  They  than started saying: it wasn’t a “religion” thing, it was a “safety” thing.  They didn’t want their kids pictures on youtube LOL (laugh out loud) that story didn’t work out to well for those people though, because there were 6 other youtube videos their kids were in LOL (laugh out loud).

 In the end it ended up turning out to be a pretty amazing thing though, because after the christians found everything out, they all rallied together and sent me a billion more pictures LOL (laugh out loud) it was very sweet of them, and because of the amazing, caring, loving, GODLY people.  I was now able to edit the video and have enough pictures to be able to repost it, and now there is nothing the so called haters can do.

 As I told you all in my last blog, from the start this video was a nightmare to make LOL (laugh out loud)  but the more things that tried to stop it from being up, the more it made me want to work even harder to keep it up.  I know the only reasons this stuff keeps happening is because its just killing the devil to see another one of GODS children, spreading JOY, PEACE, and LOVE to the world.  Don’t ever, ever, EVER, be ashamed to spread GODS word and love. Philippians 1:20 says: As it is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death.

Always honor christ no matter what your going through, GODS love is real.  I just want to share one fast testimony and than ill end this weeks blog LOL (laugh out loud) after that mess, the LORD seen how hard I fought for him and he not only turned those circumstances around, but he also blessed me all in the same week!!! I got so many pictures from people that I am going to have to make another video some time this year, because there was just to many to fit in one video! if I would have put them all, we would have been watching a full 2 hour film LOL (laugh out loud)

Thats not the best part of the testimony.  For those of you who read last weeks blog, you will remember me talking about how I needed a new computer right? well after I wrote that blog, I said: I don’t know how, or where ill get the money to buy this computer, but I need it and I know the LORD knows how important this website is to me and if its meant for me to keep writing, than the LORD will work a way.

I prayed and I said: LORD I really need the money to get a new computer, please help me.  Well no more than 3 or 4 days go by and this lady who I haven’t seen in forever and whose been a friend of mine and my families for years, comes over to visit us, and she started talking about how much she would love one of my paintings and how she wanted to buy one from me, well I mean, hello!! its just little old me, I am not this big time artist, I am just Jackie LOL (laugh out loud) I was not going to have this lady buy one.

 When she asked about buying one, I smiled and said: I wont sell you one, but I will give you one, and than I said: ummm you will have to wait at least a week or two though, because I have none left, I already have given the ones I painted away LOL (laugh out loud)  I could tell she was a little disappointed when I said I had none left, but there was nothing I could do, because truly, I really had given them all away, LOL (laugh out loud).  The rest of the afternoon we all hung out.

This lady traveled 2 hours to come see us, so once she got here she pretty much stayed all day. Heres the crazy part, the blessing part, the GOD part of the story!!!!!!!! as she was getting up to leave she went to bend down to kiss me good bye and as she did, she put this envelope behind my back and told me not to loose it or open it till after she left and told me, this is for your paintings.

So after she left I figured it was just a card, so I said: its been a long day let me take my meds, than ill relax and read it.  Well when I went to reach for it, I could tell it was more than a card, but I still just assumed, maybe $10.00 in it at most.  Boy was I wrong!!!!!!! I opened the card and all these $20 bills started falling on my face and I started screaming woah woah woah what is this.  I even said: I think she gave me the wrong card LOL (laugh out loud)

I than started reading the card and she basically just explained how much she loved and admired me and how she was proud of all the things me and my family have done over the years and she said she just wanted to bless me.  Well there was $200 in that card, thats more than half the money I needed to buy my new computer!!!!!!!!!!! is GOD GOOD OR WHAT?

That night I went in bed and said no one in this world compares to you LORD and I just started thanking him.  I know that was GOD I just know it and that is not the first time the LORDS met my needs like that.  My point to giving this testimony is, when GOD does things like that for us, how could we not love him? How could we ever be ashamed of the one who supplies all our needs?

This week I also learned not to sweat the small things.  I am sure once those people see I redid the video, they will be against me once again, but this time, I am going to be ready, there is nothing they can say to break me down this time.  They can attack me all they want, I will not be fighting back though, all I can do is pray that they have a open heart this time around.

Once again the LORD showed me this week, just how precious and short life is.  This past week a 6 year old boy that had Osteogenesis Imperfecta passed away!!!! and when I heard this young boys story, it really hit home with me.  Because you see, this young boy went in for surgery, I am not sure if they were putting a ROD in or replacing one.  Most people know what RODS are now, but incase you don’t know, RODS are like a type of pins they put in us to hold our bones together.  He went in surgery and came out fine, afterwards his parents say, he was even sitting up talking for over 5 hours than all of a sudden he went in to a cardiac seizure and sadly he never recovered.

Hearing that story was just heart breaking to me, because I must of had over 20 of those same exact surgeries no exaggeration, but I always pulled through and crazy part is, this boy wasn’t even as severe as me.  All I can say is this family is in my thoughts and prayers and if any of them ever read this, please know im so so sorry for your loss and cannot even begin to understand what your going through.

Like I have said so many times before, we just keep pushing through that fire because one day GOD will turn us in to GOLD. I do have one last request before I end this weeks blog,  since my old video caused so much, just pure craziness LOL (laugh out loud) lets show everyone just how much of jesus freaks we can be.  I want to see this new video posted on every wall and every blog and site thats out there, because I want this video, with this powerful anointed, gifted, jesus music, to be all these so called jesus haters, see and hear, I want that video and that music to pierce through their soul, so in the end, the only words that will be coming out of their mouths is I LOVE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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