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March 5, 2018

The book of rooMATTHEW 7:12


Hi all, I know it’s been awhile since I wrote but life has been pretty hectic lately. People may think I’m not busy because I do not leave my house much, but trust me I have my hands full. I’m up almost every Night till at least 2AM focusing on finishing this book! Plus I got about 6 different Companies that me and my Mom partnered with and sell products for. We are doing it not to “Make Money” but are doing it to hopefully earn a little extra cash to put towards my book because I do not always want to go asking you all for donations all the time LOL. Speaking of the book it’s going fantastic, we’re almost at the finish line, but I probably will be another two weeks behind schedule and that’s because it’s my choice to push the release date back and the reason why that is. Is because I got to know a lovely Lady who is a Christian artist and writer and she is willing to look over my book and hopefully be able to give me some feed back and constructive criticism to help improve what I have already written. So that you all could truly enjoy and understand my story!

As far as my life in general and health, things are great. GOD IS SO GOOD! he truly is a miracle maker. I’m not going to say I’m never sick, because I am, I’m sick all the time and it’s still a struggle to leave the house at times. But I also am not nearly as sick as I was two Years ago and I am finally able to occasionally leave my house and actually enjoy things when I do leave. And the best part and still hard for my brain to comprehend and even accept yet. But I have not thrown up in over a Year. Now a heathy “average” person who does not struggle with health issues may not fully comprehend how big of a deal that is, but it’s huge it’s like the ultimate blessing and gift that the LORD could have ever given me. I went from spending weeks, and months in the hospital to now going on almost two years without a single admission. If I make it to October I’ll have had no admissions for TWO YEARS! and if that happens it will be the first time in my entire life (31 Years) that has happened. If I do not make the two year mark it will be ok and I’ll understand and I’ll be grateful for the time I have had to enjoy, but a girl can dream can’t she? LOL.

Now as grateful as I am for being HEALTHY, did the word Healthy just come out of my Mouth? You bet it did BABY!! LOL but even tho im thrilled about that, as you all can tell LOL. That still is not the reason I decided to write this blog. Even though I love any opportunity I can get to come on here and chat with you all, I still do not come on for small talk. As I told you all from day one and continue to tell you every time I write. I do not come and write just when I feel like it. Any time I come on here it is because the LORD is speaking to me and laying something on my heart to share.

I had no idea I’d be writing a article this week, this wasn’t even on my radar. That is until the past 2-3 days. The LORD started speaking to me after an incident I went through with a fellow Facebook friend and “Customer”. You see about 4 days ago I was in the middle of a Facebook live. I go on Facebook live 2-3 times a week and a feature Jewelry. Paparazzi Accessories $5 Jewelry to be exact LOL. Some of you may have heard of this Company before. Honestly out of all the companies I have sold for I’m doing the best with this company, but that’s besides the point, let’s get back to my story.

So anyways I set everything up and I got on Facebook live and started showing everything I had for sale (some of you may have seen me on before) So I get on Facebook and I start doing my thing and I notice this one viewer who has come on my lives several times and who has tried several times to get my attention, but has never purchased anything. I respectfully Acknowledged this person every single time they came on, but at same time I always kept a wall up because I just felt in my gut this person was after something more than jewelry. I also couldn’t understand why they would come on every time and never buy anything. But than I yelled at myself for thinking that way and I told myself I was becoming to judgmental and I had to remember I didn’t know this persons circumstances. Maybe they couldn’t afford to buy anything, or maybe they just liked to watch. So I continued to allow this person to watch and every time they came on. I was very respectful, but still something kept telling me to keep my guard up. Than in my last live they finally requested to buy a few pieces of my jewelry and even said they might sign up under ROOS TREASURES (mine and my Moms business name) so than I felt really guilty. I was like oh my gosh I feel so awful for judging this lovely Christian person and I started to beat myself up about it. I kept saying how could I judge a Christian church going person like that! I was very embarrassed. Than after the live I sent this person a invoice, which is my routine and right away they answered me and started chatting me up and that’s when they told me they may sign up under Roos Treasures,

So when they said that, than I felt extra guilty and than they started giving me all these compliments and saying how much they would love to be a part of the company. But than in the same breath they made fun of my disability and even criticized how I do things. But I allowed this person to talk to me like that because I thought I was getting a big sale out of it. This person had the nerve to even make fun of my arms being bent and basically said I should have a helper because of it and basically told me I can’t handle doing this on my own because of my disability. Of course when I confronted them about this comment they than said that wasn’t what they meant. But I’m going to let you all be the judge. When a person says it must be hard with your T-rex arms how would you take that?

Thank God I know who created me and I know I am created in his PERFECT IMAGE! and people like this do not make me feel any less of a person. My parents along with the LORD raised a FIGHTER! this persons comment and what they put me through next (Because yes there’s more to this story) but it did not make me sad or upset, it made me ANGRY. And made me not only want to stand up for myself but also stand up for all Special needs people, especially Adults! Which is why I’m writing this blog.

Out of respect for this person I am not putting their name or even if they were male or female, because my intentions are not to blast them on social media. But my intention for this article is to share my story to help, and encourage others, disabled or not!

After that person made the comment about having T-Rex arms and stating that because of my T-Rex arms I wasn’t very organized or capable of handling this. They than asked if they could give me a “word” you know a word from God, a “PROPHECY”. Yep you heard that right, let’s try to break someone’s spirit in one breathe and the next give a “word”.

Of course the “Word” they gave me was nothing different than anything others have said to me. Jackie I see God stretching your arms and legs! I must have gotten this same “word” over a dozen times. With as many times as people said GODS going to “stretch” me. I should be about 8 feet tall by now LOL. To anyone who sees a person in similar conditions as I’m in. I know your first instinct is going to be to go over to the person and give them a word just like this and I know you mean well. And when I say this I’m not trying to be disrespectful to any of you, please know that. I say this with nothing but respect. But don’t waste your time giving that word. Number 1 most people in my condition have much more to worry about than our hight and our bent arms and legs. How about our heart conditions, our constrictive lung issues, or digestive system issues. The list goes on and on. But my point is we have a lot more to worry about than our bones being small and bent. So GOD needs to do a lot more than grow us. We need a Miracle, not a “healing”. There’s a big difference between those two things and I totally believe the LORD could do it for me and anyone of us. But here’s a newsflash, as far as I go, he has done a miracle on me. I am a living breathing 24/7 miracle, and like I told that person on Facebook. God already took what was broken and made it Beautiful. He made me and my life a beautiful living miracle. So you all can keep your straight arms and legs I am who I am supposed to be! Because the outer shell is not what makes me Jackie! It’s what’s in my heart, my soul, my spirit. And GOD has done a miracle in that time and time again.

After that night with that person on Facebook.. 48 hours passed and of course they still didn’t pay their invoice for the jewelry they supposedly wanted. So I went to them and nicely asked them what they wanted me to do. At first they told me oh don’t worry hun I definitely want them I just can’t pay till Thursday. So I said ok no problem and continued to wait and also hold on to the pieces they supposedly wanted (that I could have sold to someone else). Than Thursday came and at 1AM I get a message from this person stating that they were sorry but that they won’t be joining the company under Roos Treasures. They decided to join under another seller. If this person would have said that and nothing more I would have been fine with it. Them not joining under Roos Treasures is irrelevant to the story. But what they said next is what got me angry. They said I just feel your not organized and that you can’t really handle this! I said: wow that’s a little rude but ok! They said: oh hun I’m not trying to be rude I just have to make money and I’m not going to if I join under you! I need someone that can mentor me.

Now the sad thing about everything this person said is number 1, they never asked me how I ran things or what my routine was. They also never asked what Roos Treasures numbers were as far as sales. But judged me by how I look. No one in my condition and under my circumstances is more organized than me. I live in a very small house and I only have so much room to showcase things. I also cannot put things to far away from me because of the fact that I can’t sit up or walk. So for a 25 inch lady who can only put stuff in a circle around them and who can only put it about a foot away from their body. I think I’m pretty gosh darn organized and good at this. I’m not saying I don’t have things to learn because we all can improve. But I’m doing gosh darn well for someone in my condition! I know every single piece Roos Treasures owns and I have everything numbered and bags for each person so when they buy I know exactly where it all goes. But that person didn’t see what I was doing behind the scenes because I can’t fully have the camera on me because I focus the camera on the jewelry which is what we’re there for. I will be honest I feel very bad for that person on Facebook because whoever they go with has made them think certain things that sadly aren’t true. Their sales ladies they make you think their going to be there for you and help you make a million dollars. I don’t play that game I’m honest and realistic. I mentor and Guide Roos Treasures team no matter how much they have in sales, where sadly these other ladies only pay attention and encourage you if they see your sales building high.

This experience has taught me 4 things. Number 1 when you feel those alarms going off in your brain and when you feel someone’s bad news, listen to that warning. That warning is usually the LORD and is right on. I told you all from the start I knew that person on Facebook was bad news even though they didn’t give me any reason to feel that way, I still did. Don’t fall for the trap thinking you always need a reason to feel certain ways about people. The Lord knows each of our hearts more than we do, so he knows whose real and whose not. So if we start to hear those sirens going off in our brain we have to realize that’s him trying to warn us. Number 2 do not let people manipulate you with money. If anyone else would have made that comment about having T-Rex arms. I would have blasted them and the nice sweet CHRISTIAN Jackie would have went out the window, I won’t lie to you. I allowed myself to convince myself it was ok for this person to talk to me like that because I didn’t want to blow the sale. Seriously, is a $110-$115 sale worth all that? Yes that’s how much in sales I would have made because to join it’s $100 and than they wanted to buy 3 extra pieces so that would have made me another $15. But is it worth it? Is it really ok for people to talk to us like dogs just to get a $100 sale? I’m sorry but it’s not worth it to me, I value myself more than that.

Number 3 don’t let money blind you! And don’t let people control you. I believe that person on Facebook knew exactly what they were doing. I believe that person was trying to get my attention for months and I believe they finally found a way to get it. So they could not only be nosey and find out everything they could about me. But I also think they wanted that moment to have what I call their 5 minutes of glory! And what I mean by that is. Christians some times think of praying over people or “prophesying” like their moment, their 5 minutes of fame. Their moment to make themselves feel “spiritual”. Which is another reason I’m mad at myself because I have never allowed a Christian to get away with that with me. But I allowed this person to sort of do what they wanted and all because I wanted the sale! Really… Shame on me! I’m more mad at myself for allowing that all to go down, than I am at that Facebook person.

After this all went down I prayed about it all night and I said ok GOD what do I do to make the world aware of these issue? What can I do to make a difference? First I thought make a post on Facebook! Than I thought no I need something more. I don’t just want to share my thoughts, I want to teach these kind of people a lesson, I want to make a difference:. Than it hit me. Let’s try making a bad situation good. Let’s try to make the most in sales than I’ve ever made and let’s do it in less than one month! So starting today till March 25th I am going to work my butt off to try to get over 100 pv (Personal volume) 8 pieces of jewelry is 50 pv and our jewelry is only $5 a piece so this shouldn’t be to hard. My ultimate goal though is to go beyond the 100 pv. Because if that happens you all would truly make my dream come true. Because if that happens than what I’m going to do is this. Any money that comes in after hitting the 100 pv I’m going to give away to one lucky adult with special needs. I’m going to write up a application and have them all fill it out and whose ever story connects with my heart the most I’m going to share the money with them.

There’s three reasons I decided to try this. Number one: I want to prove to every judgmental person out there that I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME and no man or woman will define me by my disability! Secondly I do not want to make the mistake that the person on Facebook made. What I mean by that is this. That person on Facebook had an opportunity to make a real difference, one that would have made a much bigger impact than praying over me or prophesying. They had an opportunity to build me up, to support me, to encourage me, to stand by me. To truly show what the love of Christ is supposed to look like and be! In my opinion they chose the selfish way. Which is why I’m choosing to try to earn enough money to bless someone.

It’s sad because when your a child with special needs you get all the attention in the world and no one would dream of saying the things that person on Facebook said to me. They would have done everything In their power to build me up if I was a special needs child. But it’s sad because it’s like when we become adults we don’t get the support we once had. It’s like people toss us aside. You barely see people doing nice things for an adult with special needs and that breaks my heart. Because. I’m blessed beyond words with people and a family who loves me and who hold me up. But sadly that’s rare, because most special needs adults have no one. Because either their family passed away or their family got tired of caring for them and tossed them in a nursing home, (I’m not saying that to sound harsh I’m just giving the facts). Either scenario is heart breaking to me and I thank GOD every day that I’m not in their shoes. But just because I am not in their shoes does not mean I don’t understand and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s ok or acceptable. It’s like out of sight out of mind! I won’t allow that. I have the ability to make a difference with your help. So I’m giving you all 3 options. Option number 1. Share this article everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Anywhere you can think of share it, even share it at your local Church. Secondly go to the link below and buy off my website. Even if it’s just one piece, one piece is only $5. Or you could contact me via FB and purchase a piece from my home stock, and the advantage of that is you won’t pay as much for shipping and also you won’t pay tax! Shipping on the website is like $6. Shipping through Roos Treasures (Home stock) is only $3.50. So if you’d like to buy on the site the links below. Also Roos Treasures Facebook page link is below too. So if you want to buy from my home stock just click on there to contact me and if you don’t have Facebook just contact me on here. Come on my Roosters please help me achieve this goal! Again it’s not for me it’s for us all. Let’s prove people with special needs can achieve more than just breathe an give “inspirational speeches”. Let’s also prove that when we rally together as a community we can achieve anything!

I know this was a touchy subject to write on and I truly hope you all understand where I’m coming from. I’m not attacking Christians nor am I saying I don’t believe in the spiritual side of things. I totally do and like I said from the start I do believe in miracles! But at the same time miracles in this way are rare. So if your going to give someone that kind of prophecy you better know that you know that you know your hearing from the Lord and not going on feelings. Don’t react just because you see someone who you think needs that word. Gods got it covered and if their meant for that miracle or a miracle like mine. Than the LORDS going to tell them Long before you!

That’s it for today all, sorry for writing such a long article today LOL. Keep being that light in the dark and please remember showing the love of Christ is more than raising your hands in church and praying over people and tossing bibles at them. It’s encouraging them, it’s helping the hurting and I mean truly helping. Paying someone’s phone bill, buying someone whose is cold a winter coat, holding someone’s hand when their scared, sitting with someone who feels lonely. Those are true examples of showing the love of Christ! GOD BLESS AND THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME TIME AND TIME AGAIN KEEP SHINING FOR CHRIST😘



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October 4, 2016


The book of roo




Hi all. Boy has it been an eventful few months! Let’s start with the good stuff first. I had a Birthday!!! I am officially 30 years old! OMG (oh my gosh) does it feel good to be 30. I had a huge celebration with my family and loved ones. The festivities began with My parents along with my siblings throwing me a 30th surprise party! So that was so much fun. 80 people were invited and over 100 showed up LOL (Gotta love my neighborhood) LOL.

All my family came in from out of town to celebrate with me. It was so much fun and such a blessing to have shared that moment with the people who truly love me and who I love. Each person that was there, truly were people who made an impact in my life. I am so grateful to each and every person who took time out of their busy lives to celebrate such a huge, important and special Day.  It was so amazing entering that restaurant and seeing pictures of me from birth till now all over the place and then seeing that the theme of the party was GOLD (I think you can all figure out why the theme was GOLD) LOL. Of course seeing all that meant the world to me, but what meant more to me then anything, is seeing the hearts of everyone around me. Seeing how important it was to my family to do some thing that would bless me, seeing them crying and laughing and just, the pure joy and accomplishment we all felt in that moment.

Thankfulness is the only word I can think of to describe it all. Thankful to have lived 30 years, thankful to have a family who truly loves and supports me, thankful for having parents who love me so much that they would truly breathe for me if they could. This was not just a Birthday for me, this was a goal achieved, this was the proof of how AMAZING God is. I mean even my own Doctor called me and said how amazing this Birthday was for me, and how he himself don’t understand how I’ve lived 30 Years.

As you all know, when I was born I was not supposed to live Ten Days! Ten Days people!  But yet I just celebrated, no scratch that because I don’t fully like using the term “Celebrated”. Because me turning 30 is so much more then a “Celebration”, it’s an accomplishment! I just accomplished 30 years of life. When I was continually being told I was going to die.

In that moment it self. Life (Enemy) was trying to take me down, and not only stop me from achieving that Day but also from celebrating with my family.

I have been going through some major, major medical issues, and honestly I’m being told once again that I’m running out of options and I could possibly die. The Night before my surprise party, and also that Morning. I was extremely, extremely sick and the Morning of my party, I even made the comment. I felt so bad that there was no way I was moving off the Livingroom floor. I told my family you all go do what you want. I don’t care what you say I feel like crap Today so I’m not leaving this floor (I obviously didn’t know about the party yet) LOL. Later that Day my Mom talked me into taking a bath. After my bath my meds had kicked in a little and my niece was at my house along with a few other cousins. So since I started feeling better my Mom then talked me into taking a “walk”. She said lets go take the kids to the park to run off some steam. Because they were starting to get, in the words of my Grandfather “Rambunctious”, LOL, so I agreed to go for a walk. It was awesome even my 5 year old niece was in on this scheme, the little snot , (obviously I’m joking people) LOL. She was screaming park, I can’t wait to go to the park, please can we go?  Of course they all know no matter how crappy I feel, I’m going to give in to her. The only time I say no to her is if I’m puking and physically cant function LOL.

So we head to the “park” and some how half way up the street as were walking to the “park” my Mom makes a fast u-turn and ended up in the back of my cousins restaurant. Where all my family and friends were waiting, and of course at that point the jig was up LOL. So we had the party and then of course continued on with a yearly August/Birthday tradition “THE FEAST”. For those who do not know, “the feast” is an Italian/religious festival that’s in my neighborhood. This festival or as they call it “Feast”.

FYI  (they get very offended when you call it a festival. So to all those (Neighborhood people) who read this, I’m not calling it that to be disrespectful. Just trying to explain to the “outsiders” what it’s like LOL )

“The Feast” is always celebrated in August and it’s always around or on my Birthday. It is always centered around the 15th of August. It either starts or ends on that Day every Year and it is called a religious holiday because it’s all about honoring Mary (Jesus Mom).  This “Feast” lasts for Four Days. So we had Four Days of festivities, and most of my out of town family decided to stay since they were already in town for my party. On top of all that I also did some other really fun stuff but I won’t bore you with every detail, but bottom line is. I had one amazingly fun not just Birthday, but BirthMonth (I know I’m spoiled) LOL

During all that, if that wasn’t amazing enough. The Lord blessed me even more! From April to now. I have been listening to this lady named Joy  Enriquez ,her album “The Call”. During all of April, May, June and July I just could not stop listening to this album. Then when my medical issues started getting worse and I went through that whole NG tube thing that I mentioned to you all in the last blog I wrote. ( Link to previous blog ) her album was a huge part of what got me through all that.  Like I told you all in the last blog. That whole experience was intense and was definitely a struggle for me to not only get through but get over. And after all that went down I had a lot of sleepless Nights, and a lot of time where I just spent one on one time with God. Because I was like Wow ok Lord what the heck just happened? Did I really go through all that? And why? I had a lot of  unanswered questions and truthfully a lot of anger in me. I was very angry that the Lord didn’t do anything to stop all that from taking place. I felt like he just sat back and let all that happen. But like I said in the last blog. He gave me the answers I so desperately needed to understand all that, and as I said before, I did make my peace with it all. So I’m not going to repeat myself and explain all that again, but  for those who did not read my previous blog. Go read it and hear about all the things God brought me through.

Joy Enriquez album “The Call” was a huge blessing for me and almost was like a form of therapy. The majority of the songs on that album are all about trials and how we may be weak but he is strong. After I realized how much that album blessed and impacted me. I said: ok Lord I have to get this woman’s attention and I have to feature her on my website.

Theres a song called “Conquer” off her album and OMG (Oh my gosh) I felt like that entire song was just the story of my life right now. I mean the first two paragraphs of the song are this.

 My feet may fail, but you won’t let them hit the ground
And I know you’re there, ev’n when the doubts in my head gets too loud, too loud
Oh fight after fight I would pray, I would say there’ll be better days up ahead
But night after night I’m amazed at your grace I was saved by faith and now I stand.Brighter than the fire I’m fighting
Higher than the mountain I’m climbing
Shout louder than the thunder, I’m stronger
No matter what I’ll conquer, I will conquer
Brighter than the fire I’m fighting
Higher than the mountain I’m climbing
Shout louder than the thunder, I’m stronger
No matter what I’ll conquer, I will conquer.

Thats just the beginning of the song “Conquer”, but look the rest up its beautiful. Then there’s another song called “Walking on Water” and of course the song I feature in the interview, “Shelter” and their all about when the storms rage don’t worry because he’s got you. So let whatever happen because he has the final say. These songs were truly what got me through these past few Months. Because I’ll be honest there were times I was not sure I could keep doing this. My body was (and still is) exhausted and there were so many Nights I just kept crying out to God, looking for answers. And I’d put on these songs and they would minister to me so much. And every time when I’d get done listening I’d realize. I’m ok because I don’t need to know all the answers. All I need to know is that when I call on him he’s going to be there. My life story is all living proof that when you call on him and surrender to his will and just trust. I know I say that in my blogs so much, but that truly is what it’s all about TRUST. (Proverbs 3:5-6) Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

When you fully surrender to his will and fully understand how to have a child like heart, and trust God like that. I promise you, every bit of anger, exhaustion and fear, will just melt away. Because when you trust like that he’s going to come running with open arms, and he’s going to take whatever negative feelings your having and wipe them away.

Our problem is we want to analyze everything to much and we expect to much. We have it in our heads the way we think our lives our supposed to go and the Minute that vision gets rattled a little bit. We don’t know how to react, what to do or where to turn. (John 15:16) You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you. I think that scripture sums it up pretty well don’t you?

I got side tracked so let me reign this in LOL. After the Lord used these songs to minister to me I knew I had to contact Joy. But after I did research on her and realized how big she was and all that she’s accomplished. I’ll be honest I was a little intimidated and thought. There is no way a lady in her position is going to take someone like me serious LOL. There’s no way she even has time for me. Not only is she this huge singer who as a kid was on Star Search, but has also been on numerous other tv shows/movies. I mean the first picture I found when doing my research. Was her posing with Smokey Robinson. Let’s not forget who her husband is too. He’s a huge Producer and song writer himself and has worked with numerous, very well known artists like, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige.  I mean that is just a few of the people he’s worked with. So why in the world would his wife and himself want to allow little ol me, not only interview her, but also feature her music on my site.

It’s a lot to get these people to trust you to let you use their songs. Because so many people in this world take this thing called the Internet for granted. And they take artists like her and plaster their songs all over the web. So for them to trust that I would not do that I know is big, and because she trusted me. If or when she reads this. I just want to say thank you. I never imagined you’d say yes to this interview. But then to also agree to allow me to interview you over the phone and not just through email, made it that much sweeter! The Lord definitely used you during this interview Joy, because it could not have come at a better time.

When I first contacted her like I said: I assumed shed agree to just interviewing her via email. I gave her the option to do skype or email, but I assumed shed choose email because only one other artist ever agreed to doing a Skype interview and honestly, well umm then that artist never showed up for the actual interview LOL. So I thought for sure a lady with her background would never allow anything more then a interview via email, and even that I thought was a long shot. But I believe Gods hands were on this and I believe Joy was obediant in allowing God to use her.

Because doing this interview taught me so much. When I realized who she really was. I so wanted to back out, because I was so imbaressed. I was like there is no way I can take up a lady as important as her time. She has 4 kids and this huge career and I’m just going to Facebook her and say: hey Im Jackie, I love music so can I interview you from my bedroom computer?? LOL. A little awkward don’t you think? LOL But the Lord has been pushing me to go out of my comfort zone a lot lately and I knew he was using this situation to do that once again. So as fearful as I was and as stupid as I felt I just kept telling myself, it’s ok you can do this, you can do this LOL. The good thing was once I got on the phone with Joy Enriquez I realized right away that she had a heart of GOLD and my fears were put at ease the second we started talking. (The only fear left at that point was my fear of Cameras LOL).

Ok that was the good stuff for August, now the bad stuff. As I briefly mentioned earlier  in this blog. I have been struggling with a lot of medical issues. As I think I mentioned in a previous blog. I have a pocket of fluid that keeps forming in my belly. That pocket of fluid along with a few other issues in my belly keep making me very sick. I keep getting extremely nauseated and can barely eat, and I  have extreme headaches. You see what’s happening is. Like I told you all before, my body may be small but all my organs are 30 year old organs. Plus I have a lot of major deformities (severe Scoliosis)  and then on top of that. I still have a huge amount of scar tissue that’s basically destroying my stomach and everything in that area. so in a nutshell everything is literally being crushed! Everything’s so overcrowded now that there isnt any room for my shunt to function properly. Remember the Shunt is what drains the Cerebrospinal fluid that continually builds up in and around my brain. The Shunt sucks that fluid up and drains it out into my stomach. But because there is literally no room left in my stomach. The fluid is now getting stuck in all the scar tissue, and is basically forming its own Bubble or Shell (pocket of fluid).

So the big question now is. If I’m running out of room in my own body to even hold a thin tube, then what do I do?? I have a few options it’s not a completely hopeless situation, nor is it a death sentence. But at the same time, the options that are available to me are very risky. I’ll be honest none of the options are good options and it’s all scary to think about. But at the same time, that’s what my entire life has been about, “Scary situations”. Like I told my family and primary Doctor. I’m not going to avoid what I need to do just because it’s scary or dangerous. My entire life has been about danger. So I will keep fighting, praying and believing, and will continue to figure out the smartest and safest way to treat all this. But at the same time, I’m not just going to sit on my hands avoiding the big questions and do nothing. I haven’t done that in 30 years so I will not start now!

The 30 curse! a lot of people do not know this, but in the world of OI (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) 30 is thought of as a “curse”. Because not only do the majority of people not even see 30, but the closer they get to it, and the ones that achieve it, go through hell! (Excuse the H word can’t think of any other word to use LOL) I have had so many conversations with both men and woman asking me aren’t you worried about turning 30? Aren’t you scared your bones are going to get weaker, or your going to get sicker? The answer I have is no, I’m not scared of any of that. The reality is yes I am following in those foot steps. I mean look at all the medical issues I just told you guys about. So I’m not going to deny that yes the older I get the more challenging things become, but why does that make me special? That’s life. The older anyone gets the more challenging life gets. I choose to not let OI take anymore then it already has, I choose to look at 30 as an accomplishment and blessing, not a curse.  And whatever challenges I face along the way, I choose to look at that as being life. You have your ups and your downs, your joys and sorrows. I choose to not look for an escape goat, and instead face things head on. Because through Christ I can do all things and with him comes victory. (Deuteronomy 20:4)  For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.” So when you read scriptures like that and when you know Your covered by the blood and know that when he died for you he not only saved you, but broke any curse that was ever placed!

Just keep fighting and moving forward. LIke  I said before, we have it in our heads how we imagine our life to go, but it’s not about what we want. It’s about him and the more we accept that, the easier life’s going to be. (Jeremiah 29:11) For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

 I promise you if you keep fighting and trusting him, you will achieve victory. I’m going to leave you with this last scripture verse (Job 23:10) But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as GOLD. (Thank you Pasor Fah for that verse😜)

Ok guys just one last thing. I hope you all remember I am writing and publishing a book and as I have said that all is not cheap LOL. Thankfully because of the amazing birthday party my family threw me. I was able to raise a little more than half the funds I need for the book. So now we truly are SOOOOOO CLOSE!!! So if anyone that reads this could find it in their hearts to become a part of my Patreon campaign I’d really appreciate it. The Patreon campaign is basically a partnership. There’s different dollar amounts you can commit to giving. There’s one as low as $5.00 and what I like about this website is its not just about giving, but it’s about giving and receiving. To all those who commit to giving. There are different prizes/gifts you all get in return for giving. For example: Anyone who commits to donating $50 a Month. I will send you a THE-BOOK-OF-ROO magnet, a OI CAN DO ALL THINGS wristband and I will give some Perfectly Posh Products. That’s just the $50 level rewards but there’s some other great rewards on the site too so check it out.  Patreon Partnership Page

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